Monday, July 6, 2009


So I don't know how, but it seems as though this is just going to fly.

I spent yesterday at the country club with one of my girls, sunning myself silly. (Ok, clearly my life is not that hard.)

Today I don't have any big plans... I need to organize my closet and some files I have leftover from school. I need to get them to a girl next Friday and they are currently in a huge box completely disheveled.
Tonight I get to have Mexican food and margaritas with my girlfriends... I love our Tuesday nights.

Tomorrow is water aerobics followed by job hunting.

Thursday one of my girlfriends is getting a breast reduction. We are going to spend the day with her in pre-op and then shop during her surgery. At first we thought we should stay, but I think she would rather we are at least having fun while she is bidding goodbye to her "girls."

Friday I will get a bunch of random stuff done... but nothing exciting.


On an unrelated note, I feel like all the posts jumbled up in my head are a little depressing. They're going to get out eventually, but I don't feel the need to bombard everyone with the nuances of my depressing life just yet.

So I ask you this:

Do you have something you want me to post about? A question for me?

Want me to talk about my bras some more?

Talk about underwear?

So go ahead, ask away. Maybe I'll give a prize for the best questions... but you'll never know unless you ask!!


And now, I need to go sort through my bras. One week later, they are still sitting on the floor.

*Hands head in shame*

Happy Tuesday!!

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Ashley said...

I love hearing about beauty regimes! :) (especially what hair products you use because your hair always looks amazing.)

Andhari said...

On your dresses maybe :) I've seen several pictures and I love them.:)

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I love margaritas. I am joining you in spirit :)

Becky said...

It will get better-just keep your head up! Praying for you a good job and anyone would be so lucky to have YOU! Have fun with your friends and enjoy yourself b/c once you get a job you'll be trapped for a bit and look back and these days will all be a great memory :)

Wearing Mascara said...

Oooo have fun tonight! I LOVE Mexican food. I don't think your posts are depressing. Just more real :-) I love your blog for the way it is.

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