Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Info Than You Ever Needed to Know

Allison, Ms. Minneapolis, Jenn, and KLC all had questions about college and careers.

I'm just going to start at the beginning on this one. First of all, I was born and raised in Indiana. When I applied to college, the guidance counselor at my high school told me I was definitely not smart enough for a small, private college so she pushed me to apply to a very large Indiana school (Go Hoosiers!). And then she got my SAT scores and told me I could probably go to the small (all women's, Catholic) school that I wanted to go to. (Insert rant about horrible high school guidance counselors here. I mean seriously, discouraging a student to even aim high?).

I ended up at the Catholic, all-female school. Definitely not something I had envisioned for myself (I looved me some boys), but it ended up being perfect.

At school, I was a business major who has a concentration in Marketing. I love it - marketing, advertising, PR - it's totally up my alley. I compose pitches of products without even knowing it. If anybody has a job for a slogan creator - I'd knock their socks off.

At a pre-graduation ceremony, I was picked as the Marketing student of the class of 2009, so that was kind of a big deal. Even though my college was really small, it was super competitive.

But despite being very dedicated to the whole marketing thing, I had something else that was much more important to me. During my freshman year, a few of my friends started a program called Dance Marathon. This year-round fundraiser raised both financial and emotional support in the community for our local Children's Miracle Network hospital.

In our first year (my freshman year of college), we blew everyone out of the water and raised $21,047.42. My sophomore year, I took over fundraising and we raised $47,129.60. Junior year, I took over Public Relations and we made $85,296.33.

My senior year, I stepped into the role of President. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I literally worked night and day for this organization. School completely fell by the wayside, but I was ok with it. Because of the economy, this year was extremely difficult; however, we raised $91,538.24. Still amazing, but just short of the $100,000 I really really wanted to raise.

So... how's that for a long story?? But I have a point, I swear.

All of this work with nonprofit fundraising has planted a love of service in my heart. Soo... to answer the question...

I really want to work in nonprofits. I would love to do nonprofit marketing, but I could probably do fundraising as well. I feel like I definitely have at least 2 years where I worked for Dance Marathon in a full-time capacity, so I feel like I have the experience.

Shifting that experience into a job... well, that's a different story.

On the other hand, I would love to work as a buyer for a clothing chain - I feel like I have a fabulous eye for clothes and fabrics. I don't really have any experience there, though, unless you count my closet.

Ok, I think I've beaten that topic into the ground.

Tamara B. wanted to know how many hours a day I spend on the computer.

This is definitely variable. There are days when I probably spend 12 hours on the computer, usually in a combination of blogging/reading/twittering and job hunting/researching.

There are other days that I don't touch a computer all day long. Admittedly, recently, those days seem few and far between. However, tomorrow (Nordstrom Sale Day!) will probably be one of those days. Go figure.

Julie wanted to know if I have a new favorite handbag designer.

To be honest, I still haven't bought a new purse. In fact, one of my friends loaned me a purse I had been admiring for a while so I've been carrying that for a while.

At this point in my life (read: broke college grad who is unemployed), I haven't really explored all the fancy brands I'd really like to explore. But I do have to say that I have always loved Franco Sarto bags - they aren't super expensive and they are still very cute. In my opinion.

So, I believe I have answered most of the questions you guys have asked me. If you still have any burning questions, go ahead and ask! (And also I need a post idea for tomorrow so ask away!!)

Remember, every comment you leave this week enters you to win some fabulous spa products!

I'm off to get a Dunkin Donut... they put a new little shop in not too far away a while back and I still have never had a Dunkin Donut. That's about to change.

Happy Thursday!

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Whitney said...

So the office that I work at is a non-profit. It's a Devleopment office for a hospital, and it is affiliated with Children's Miracle Network! They raise money for The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, which is a part of our hospital! Anyways - more to the point - CMN has a position called "Event Coordinator" (I'm sure it has other titles in different offices) and they plan events/fundraisers throughout the year.

... I'm sure you have already thought of that and something similar but I wanted to share, it's exciting!

Blackeyed_Susan said...

I am excited to see what you find at the Nordstrom sale! Hopefully you will find a bag you love :)

I think you should post your favorite meal to eat/ your favorite meal to it bad that it's only 10 and I am ready for lunch? Gotta eat breakfast! haha

Anonymous said...

It is always so fun to get to know the person behind the blog a bit better. I am in marketing too and I love it. Right now I work in higher education but I would love to work in branding or marketing for consumer products. I had an internship at a PR agency where I worked on brands like Progresso, Betty Crocker, adn CoverGirl and I loved it.

I am so impressed with the fundraising work you did. Any nonprofit that doesn't snap you up right away is not very smart. Have you ever thought about working in community relations for a corporation?

Have fun at Nordstrom. We are going out of town this weekend (again!) so no shopping for me. BOO.

KAC said...

Enjoy your Dunkins! We seriously have them EVERYWHERE here and they're my favorite!!

Kassie said...

I'm just about to graduate as well, and am on the job hunt too, ugh! That's so impressive about Dance Marathon--we did that at my school as well, but I don't believe we came close to the amount you raised! You obviously have a gift with it. I love marketing and nonprofits as well, and am heading in that direction. I hope the hunt is going well for you!

Elle Bee... said...

I worked at the Canadian Cancer Society in PR for a while and absolutely loved it. Sadly, all too often the pay associated with those jobs is not as great... which I needed to pay back the dreadful student loans.

Do you have any fundraising tips? I've led a team for CCS's Relay for Life for the past couple years and fundraising is just something I'm not good at (asking people for money = terrifying).

Becky said...

You have worked so hard through school girlie-someone is bound to notice you soon! And if they don't that is their loss :P
I want a donut hole....that sounds so good! Hope you are having a good week - Becky

Andhari said...

Wow as a president? And you get to do a lot of fundraising happening? That's really great, girlie. Way to be a prominent leader sometime in the future as well :)

You do have eyes for wardrobes, being fashion buyer sounds good too.

RCaitlin said...

Wow that fund raising was amazing...would you like to do a fund raising campaign for my personal college fund haha?

Allison said...

I'm impressed with your fundraising experience. I think it's a great idea to work for a nonprofit. A friend of mine works for the Diabetes Foundation, and her work seems really neat.

Felicia said...

I am sorry to hear about your crappy counselor in high school (since I am one)! LOL! I like to think of myself as the hip, cool.. been there done that kind of counselor... but who knows.. anyway...

I think working for nonprofits sounds like it is right up your alley. I actually worked for one before I become a school counselor (not a guidance counselor.. I actually am a REAL counselor LOL).

It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!! Nice to meet you!

a H.I.T. said...

My sorority would participate in Dance Marathon too!

Tamara B. said...

Thank-you for your answer to my question and from one Catholic school girl to another I know what you mean :)I even went to kindergarten in the Nun's convent in the basement in Illinois.

Wearing Mascara said...

So cool that you wanna work non-profit! Love that!

Doreen said...

I work in a Special Needs School and have been there for a few yrs now. It's rewarding in and of itself and it's the toughest job I've ever had. I'm going to be looking for another job soon because with the job I'm currently at, there are no benefits with this position and the pay isn't great. So, here's to hoping!! :)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

The dance thing sounds awesome...being a leader is tough but it sounds like you were pretty successful!

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