Friday, July 17, 2009

I Need You! to Make Decisions for Me

Ok ladies, I am in all sorts of fashion conundrums.

First, I bought another dress. I went to my favorite store, TJ Maxx, and lo and behold, there it was, on clearance for $26.

I didn't really need it, but it's the most lovely drapey fabric and it's what my friends call "Sarah Blue"... I wasn't even going to try it on, but I had an extra 10 minutes before an appointment and thus it came home with me.

I am going to a wedding tomorrow, so I guess I need to wear this dress - since I bought it and don't really need it. Now my question is - shoes. Help! Here are some of the options I've laid out.

From Left to Right:

  1. Tahari Black Patent Leather Stacked Heels
  2. Random Brand Gold Faux-Snakeskin Slingbacks
  3. Circa Joan and David Camel Slingbacks
  4. Nine West Leopard Peep Toe Heels
What do you think? Any preferences? I wouldn't usually pair black and blue, but I didn't hate it when I was taking the picture so I dunno.. maybe?

Ok, onto my next problem. Jeans. By the time you read this, I will already be raiding the Nordstrom Sale (gosh, I really hope I find at least something because I've been talking about it for weeks now).

I will obviously be perusing the jeans but I actually bought a couple pairs the other day. The tags are still on so I can return based on what I might buy today.

Express Stella Regular Fit Low Rise Barely Boot

Express Eva Curvy Fit Mid Rise Boot Cut

Ok, now I know that my thighs are just... whoa. Yes, I have saddlebags. Yes, I hope to someday have the fat sucked off by a professional.

But in the meantime, these are the legs I've got. In my opinion, the 1st pair isn't completely unfortunate. The 2nd? Is it me or does that stupid fading make everything look spectacularly bad?

Ok internets, let me have it! I can handle your opinions.

And every opinion you share gets you one more chance to win some fabulous spa products.

Happy Friday!!

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P.S. I will draw the givaway winners on Sunday evening so any comments you make up until Sunday afternoon are in for the win!

32 Classy Comments:

Ashley said...

For shoes, I am going to say #4, but my second choice would be the black ones. :)

Jeans- hands down the first pair!

PS I'm hoping to have my problems sucked away too. ;)

d.a.r. said...

I like the second pair of shoes! As for the jeans, the first ones for sure!

julie and jon said...

Okay, for the shoes I say either #1 or #4. I think it would be okay to wear the black shoes with the blue dress because it is a brighter blue. As for the jeans I like the first pair! Very cute and sliming!

Whitney said...

I vote shoe #4, pants #1... good luck at Nordstrom! :)

Loukia said...

My vote is with shoe number 4!

Ashley said...

Def the fourth shoe!

Anonymous said...

I vote for shoe number 4!

And I like the first pair of jeans, but not the second. You're right, the wash isn't 100% flattering (even though I think you look great!). I've got some saddle bags myself and -- apart from wide-leg jeans -- I generally find darker washes without too much fading to be the most flattering.

Kerri said...

Definitely #4 for shoes, and #1 for jeans! Hope you found wonderful things at Nordstrom!

Kai said...

Delurking to add that I love show #4, though 2 is a close second and jeans I say keep em both!

xoxo sarahbeth said...

I agree with everyone about the shoes and jeans. Shoe #4 and jean #1. I'm not so crazy about the fading on the second pair of jeans honestly. I had jeans like that, wore them a few times and donated them to GoodWill because they just weren't as flattering as solid washes in darker colors.

Elle Bee... said...

Fading like that on jeans makes everyone's legs look thicker. Really, it should be a crime. The first jeans look awesome.

Also, I really like the black shoes. The leopard print ones are a very close second. Really, for $26, you can't go wrong... that dress is gorgeous.

Kristen said...

I vote for the leopard shoes and the darker jeans. I need some new jeans, but I am dreading trying to find some.

Andhari said...

Come on honestly i think your thighs arent bad at all, but the first jeans look better. I like the color. For shoes, I'll go with number 4.:) Pair it with some gold bracelets / cuffs. Total diva!

KAC said...

I vote for shoes #4 and def jeans #1...hope you have a great time at the Nordstrom sale!

Anonymous said...

Well there seems to be a consensus on here, shoes #4, jeans #1. Dress is very cute and so are those jeans. As for the saddlebags, you aint seen nothin until you see me. I feel your pain!!

Kassie said...

I vote for the 2nd pair of shoes! And the 1st pair of jeans, they look better than the faded ones. :)

Christa said...

I LOVE the 4th pair of shoes! They will look great with your dress!

a H.I.T. said... the wedding at night or during the day? If it is at night and sophisticated, go with the black. If it is at night and fun, go with the snakeskin. If it is during the day, nudes.

jlc said...

with such a simple dress i say leopard leopard leopard!!!

Def will spice it up and give you that extra confidence! :)

Annie said...

I like the Leopard Peeps! Very cute dress!
First pair of jeans look great!!

Legallyblondemel said...

Ooh, I love these sorts of questions.

First, the "Sarah blue" really does look terrific on you, although I suspect you look fabulous no matter what.

Second, I'd go with shoe #4. It's both leg elongating in that style/color, and the pattern adds some interest. I'm not always an animal print fan, but in an accessory & not too loud pattern, I love it.

Finally, go with the darker jeans - that's a flattering fit & color on you. Washed jeans, like pair #2, are tricky; if the wash hits just right, they can actually make your thighs look slimmer, but it's too far to the outside of your leg here.

Jac said...

I concur with the shoe number 4 concensus.
However, I have to say I am not a fan of the first jeans. I guess they are more flattering than number 2 but I am not a fan of the first either.
But that is just me.
And, for the record, I would kill for your legs, imperfections and all!

Liesel said...

Leopard shoes and put down both pairs of jeans. Run, not walk, to try on a pair of Joe's Jeans in the Honey cut. Nordstrom's usually carries them so maybe they will be at the sale too and you won't choke on the price quite as much. But if you have to keep the jeans you bought, the first ones are better.

Anonymous said...

I would go with either the camel or leopard shoes, definitely. And as for the jeans...I like the first pair better. I think they are more flattering whereas the second pair draws more attention to your thighs because of the lighter wash down the front. (And for the record, you DO NOT have saddlebags! You look great.)

I second the commenter who said Joe's Jeans. They are expensive and more than I would usually pay but so very flattering and I would rather have one great pair of jeans than a several O.K. pairs. I also like Paige Premium Denim. Who knows, maybe you will find some on sale today!

Tamara B. said...

You should wear the Tahari Black Patent Leather Stacked Heels
witht he dress because i look much more classy than the beige ones. Loose the faded jeans, they are horrible and you are too classy for that!

Doreen said...

Oh I like shoes 4 that goes well w/the dress and jeans #1! The dark pair is great! :)

Maggie May said...

You have great, sexy thighs! You are crazy!

The New Mrs said...

I love you blog! You have a new follower :) Come over and say hi when you have a second.

Kristen said...

I like the dark pair of jeans most definitely! I am not a fan of shading. I don't know about the shoes though! I cannot make a decision!

lisa wood said... look good and the jeans, second pair.
by the way your legs leg great in both pairs so keep both!!!


Ms. Case said...

Always a proud moment to find other TJ Maxx lovers. Good buy!

Jen said...

I'm way late to the party but I definitely like the first pair (dark jeans) better. And your thighs are not whoa--they are cute and curvy!!

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