Monday, March 9, 2009

Scenes from a 16-Hour Car Ride

(If you want to talk about making your eyes beautiful, head over here so I can share all my tips with you.)

As you read this, I am in Florida, lounging poolside or beachside, no doubt. recovering from a little sunburn with some retail therapy.

We drove from Indiana to Florida, which made for a very long trip.

I live-tweeted my drive - just because I can.

And now, this is what a 16-hour car drive is like, via twitter:

This is where I started to break Twitter. Notice how the timestamps start to get erratic - notice how the times jump around. I believe I've pieced them together in the correct order.

In this next tweet, you might be wondering what the hell BBI means. During my freshman year in college, a lovely lady named Elyse and I coined this phrase to explain that something was bad. The original meaning was "Burritos were a Bad Idea." Today, BBI just means bad idea... unless there are burritos involved.

We finally made it to sunny Florida after a horrific lovely car ride. We arrived at around 8:30 AM, which was really weird because my times are all screwed up now, especially with daylight savings.

And I'm off to slather on some sunscreen and aloe. Happy Monday!

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insomniaclolita said...

Have a good springbreak lounging in the sun :) Enjoy everything!!:)

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