Friday, March 6, 2009

Last Minute Shopping

So this morning, a mere six hours before I am to depart for Florida, I went shopping.

I hit up TJ Maxx, Target, American Eagle, and Victoria's Secret.

First off - Target has a ton of fun stuff. Seriously. There was a cute yellow leather purse that I almost bought, but I held off. I need to invest in some key pieces of handbag... so I'll wait for a while.

American Eagle was meh. Next.

Victoria's Secret. Boy, do I have a bone to pick with you. I can't even go into it now... it's a post for another day.

Now, Old Navy. I honestly not a huge fan of your store. I mean, the prices are low, but not as low as TJ Maxx's would be. Also, the sizes are inconsistent. But today I found two things I liked.

This top, marked $10:
And I like these shorts, marked $15:
I had a 10% off coupon (yeah, not a lot - but still), so I was excited to buy.

When I got to the register, the shorts rang up for $19.50. I asked the cashier if they were $15, and she didn't know. She did go look, but came back and told me the pants next to the shorts were marked $19. Which didn't help me, because I specifically saw them marked $15. Needless to say, I was not so pleased.

Then, she went to scan my coupon (which I printed from their website on Wednesday). Didn't scan. Tried again. Typed the code manually. Tried again. Called the manager. Then decided it was expired (I didn't see a date on it).

I don't know why, but I just got a little flustered and upset. Not only was I being overcharged (at least in my mind) for the shorts, but on top of it I didn't get my coupon that I went to their damn website to print.

So now I've got $30 worth of clothes... and I'm not positive they were worth it. I mean, $30 isn't that much money... but I'm not completely sold.

What to do, what to do. Return them? Take them on Spring Break and then decide if I want to wear them... and if I don't wear them, return them? Clearly I'm having commitment issues.

Moving on.

I have about 6 hours before I leave for Spring Break. I think the drive is around 12 hours long. Oy.

I will probably be tweeting frequently from the road so feel free to join me in extreme bitchiness and car boredness.

It's Friday and I'm on Spring Break!

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Classy in Philadelphia said...

I actually really love both items though it does suck that they didn't honor your coupon! The shorts are adorable, and I may need to take a trip there soon. I'm a big fan of the buying something and returning it if I don't wear it.

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