Monday, January 12, 2009

Holy Mother of Distraction

Well, woohoo it's Monday.

My last first day of college.

On Wednesday, my big year-long paper is due. I've been working on it since August. AUGUST, people? I don't think there is a word to describe how happy I will be to see it DONE. And gone. And out of my life. (Reminder: 3 copies due by NOON. Don't forget!)

Then on Saturday, I (along with my 'team') present said paper. It's a 30 minute presentation with a 15 minute Q&A session. I think.

Either way, it's going to be a crazy-busy week since the paper is not quite finished and we haven't even started on the presentation.

Let the madness begin (for the last time...)

Happy Monday!!

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Jay @halftime lessons said...

Good Luck, champ! hang in there!

Elle Bee said...

Good luck on presenting your paper! It will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, I'm sure.

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