Friday, November 28, 2008

Overheard at Thanksgiving

"Quick, somebody open the windows."


"Just do it."

"Did you burn that bread in the oven? But that was to make dumplings with!!!"

"Damn, there goes the fire alarm."

"And now the upstairs fire alarm is going off too."

"Would somebody please open the damn window?"


. . . . .

"Oh great, now the neighbors can hear our redneck Thanksgiving!"

End scene.

Today is Black Friday. I'm actually, gasp, not going shopping this morning. I know - it sounds weird even to me. I'm sure there's something I need to be buying, right?

Alas, there is really going to be no purchasing today unless you count online shopping. Maybe a little

Happy Black Friday - may your deals be plentiful!

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Kellan said...

How funny! I didn't go shopping today either - I'll go next week when everyone is back to work and back in school - surely there will still be some good deals!

Nice to see you today - thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend - Kellan

Natalie said...

i shopped, but waited until noon to do it. no pushing and shoving at the att wireless store. i also went to old navy at 7ish. things were fine there too! and the many good deals!

Linz said...

Redneck Thanksgiving? That's no where near redneck. Just so you know. LOL

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