Monday, October 13, 2008

My Weekend in a Nutshell

So, it's midterm week here at my lovely college. Needless to say, that means lots of sleepless nights and few and far between showering.

Unfortunately, my week will have lots of these.... Have I told you how I want to drop out of school yet? Or how I'm transferring? Or how I hate school and am just going to stop going to class?? Nope? Well.... I won't bore you with that now. Just know... I hate school, don't like studying, and am ready to drop out and join the circus!! Do you think they have room for another bearded lady? No?

In other news, this is a v. busy week.

Monday: test, work, homework, 2 meetings
Tuesday: test, 3 classes, Charity Denim, 2 meetings, the DAY OF MY BIRTH, and because of the last items, margaritas - many margaritas
Wednesday: 2 papers, class, 2 meetings, a BAR to celebrate Tuesday
Thursday: 3 classes, a bar to celebrate my roommate's birthday
Friday: going home for a WEEK!!

Needless to say, posting may be spotty this week... have a good one!!


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Good N Crazy said...

g'luck with all the Crap!

Next week join us for twitter GNO!?! On that week off, no excuses?! Well, real people GNO would be a good excuse but that's it!

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