Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love Thursdays!!

Happiness has returned to me today... because it is Thursday.

Why so happy? Grey's Anatomy.

I am hopelessly addicted and I can not find a cure.

A Note to Some of My Favorite Characters:

Meredith, please let McDreamy love you. I know that some may say this will create untold depths of boring-ness, but I don't care. He loves you, you love him... and you live happily ever after.

Christina, why oh why did you let Burke go? I miss him so. (Ok, well I know about the whole gay-bashing scandal thing... but still. I miss him - and you - together.) Anyway, other than that... why don't you hook up with some other hunk and get all bent out of shape because love is messy. Please?

George, will you pull your head out of your butt and realize that Lexie is in love with you. She'd be good for you, and mend your broken heart.

Alex, why must you torture Izzie with your Jekyll and Hyde routine? We all know you're a softie with a rough past... please, let us in. We want to know who made you damaged.

Izzie, I'm sorry about Denny. Still sorry. Every time I dig out my DVDs and watch the episode where Denny dies, I sob hysterically. The dress, the bathroom floor, the pain... it still gets to me. I can vividly remember his quote from Season 3 when he meets Meredith in heaven:

No. Sometimes we’d be at the same place at exactly the same time and I can almost hear her voice. It’s like I’m touching her. I like to believe she knows I’m there. That’s all you get. That’s it. Moments with the people you love. And they’ll move on and you’ll want them to move on. But still, Meredith, that’s all you get. Moments.
Izzie, I am so so sorry. I hope you and Alex can find each other and heal each other.

Well, that's all for today. I'm a little obsessed, can you tell?

Happy Thursday!


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Good N Crazy said...

Oh my gosh. The soap opera. I watched the first season, but by the end I liked the music better than the plotlines! (I think that's the old fart mom I've turned into..) Still quote the VaJAY-jay line though...

Laurie said...

It was a good one!! I love Thursdays too for the same reason.. and ER,

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