Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Favorite: Warm Apple Pie Wallflowers

I am not a candle kind of girl. I am not an individual who feels the need to keep the house "scented" at all times.

Yet, I have a passion for a certain something called the Apple Pie Wallflower from the White Barn Candle Company. It can also be purchased at Bath & Body Works.

So, anyways, this stuff is my favorite. It is always sold out in the stores near me, and I just tend to hoard the ones I do get my hands on.

Because of this, and because they're on sale this week for only $5, I'm ordering a million of them from here Warm Apple Pie Wallflowers.

So if you're in need of a new home fragrance, and I swear it works year round, buy it before it goes off sale Sunday.


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Good & Crazy said...

I can almost smell it...yum. Is it strong though? Cuz I can never take a lot of smell, ya know?

Natalie said...

sounds yummy! i just made apple crisp tonight so i know exactly what this smells like!

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