Sunday, April 6, 2008

For the Kids

As a college student, I have had some very unique and special opportunities. Dozens, in fact. But there is one that truly stands out from the rest.

Dance Marathon. What is Dance Marathon? It is a fundraiser like no other. For this fundraisers, students from a particular college or university make a pledge to stay on their feet for a certain length of time in order to secure sponsorships from family, friends, businesses, whoever!

This year, as a member of the Executive Council for our Third Annual Dance Marathon, I was bowled over that we raised $85,296.33. This us up from last year's $47,000. Not bad, eh?

As a Executive Council member, I have spent literally hundreds of hours planning and fundraising for this event. Never would I have imagined that I would be able to help pass on a check to the hospital that helped to save my life.

$85,296.33 to Riley Hospital for Children... the very idea makes me cry with happiness. I have been so, so blessed the the opportunity to help others in this way. Now, I am under the pressure: by this time next year, we've got to raise $100,000 - just to prove we can. Let the good times roll.

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