Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mr. RH!

Last week, Mr. RH and I celebrated his birthday with a week of complete laziness, road trips, and with two birthday cakes because I messed up the first one.

Needless to say, it'll be a quarter to never before I make another red velvet cake from scratch, mmmkay?

The cake and frosting are a cclassic RH family recipe, so I was reluctant to try them in the first place... and I think this has sealed the deal:  no more family recipes.

The first cake wasn't sweet enough, even though I followed the recipe.  Not to mention, I think it was undercooked, so it collapsed once I took it out of the oven.  Ick.

However, my frosting game was apparently correct, as seen on Mr. RH's abandoned piece on our nastiest plate.  I almost cropped the free weights and yoga mat out of the background of that pic, but I couldn't stop laughing - so it stays. 

The second cake was allegedly better.  So - after the homemade cake fiasco, I decided to use a boxed cake.  Of course, after my oven was heating and ready to go - I realized I didn't have red velvet cake, per the birthday boy's request. 

So I googled it, and you can use ingredients in your own pantry to turn a boxed white cake into a red velvet cake.  WHO KNEW.

I did, however, make extra-special RH family frosting that includes Crisco.  Only because I love this man would I voluntarily use Crisco in a recipe.   For one thing - eww, it's like gelled fat.

For another thing... you can't even get it off your hands.  Like... once it's on you, it doesn't leave.  Eww.

So my cake was not pretty, but the 2nd one was at least edible. 

As for Mr. RH's birthday.... I kinda droped the ball on his gift.  I had originally planned to get him an Apple Watch (eyeroll), but at the last minute he decided he didn't want one anymore.

Therefore, poor Mr. RH got 3 pairs of fancy Stance socks and a pair of boxers for his birthday. 

If you've never heard of Stance socks, your husband is not a hipster who likes to dress fancy.

Happy Birthday, Mr. RH.  I'm sorry I suck at gift-giving, and I promise I'll do better next year.  Probably. Maybe.

As for my Worst Wife of the Year Award... I'm expecting to go home with the big trophy

Better luck next year?

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Tess said...

Happy birthday to mr.rh and EW on the not getting crisco off your hands....I know exactly that feeling your describing, and I hate it! Your second cake sure did look pretty :)

Jeanie said...

Happy birthday, Mr. RH! I would have happily eaten the not-sweet-enough cake. Most desserts are too sweet for me. As for the Crisco, I bought a premade strawberry shortcake last week, and I swear the whipped cream had Crisco in it. Gross. I remember years ago at our vacation cabin a lady using Crisco as her suntan lotion. Of course, this was long before SPF and warnings not to tan.

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