Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pick Me, Choose Me, Buy Me.

Well, like I said in my last post, I'm still recovering from the February funk.  Being as it's almost May.... well, hopefully I've really recovered.  Now that it's above 50 degrees on a regular basis.... I am finding my mojo - and I miss this blog.  Many thanks to not wearing pants anymore for helping me find my mojo.

And yes, I popped back in here because I really think your life will be better if you make a specific purchase.  And stop wearing jeans because winter is OVER.

Enter my new BFF:  Old Navy.

Never fear:  I may not have posted in 51 days, but my crappy outfit photos are exactly the same.  The front-on photo of the skirt makes it look wide because when I stood like a normal person there was too much of my toes in the picture.  Nothankyou.

Anyway, you can get this shirt in black/white, gray, black, OR this fab red/navy stripe that I highly recommend.  It's listed for $32.94 but I got it for at least 30% off.   I'm wearing a medium in the picture, but I think next time (duh I'm buying the black/white stripe) I'm going to buy a small tall.  The medium fits, but I find that tall always has a little more room than the regular size.  #sizingishard

Let's recap:  Life is better in the summer.  Life is better wearing clothes that don't require leg-shaving.  Life is better when I have this blog.  Hi, I've missed you!!

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Jeanie said...

Well, thanks for posting. And I'm one of those who practically lives in jeans -- regular length, rolled, cropped, whatever.

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