Sunday, September 21, 2014

#SBwed: 1 Year


Ahhhh. I've had a couple of posts in draft for weeks, but I honestly haven't even been able to post them because this post has been in the back of my mind, taunting me.  How can I wrap up the first 365 days of marriage in a neat little bow? 

Well, I'm not sure I can.

Is marriage exactly what I expected on September 20th of last year?  Heck no.

Am I exactly the same person I was on September 21st of last year?  Definitely not.

For starters, I can't recall the last time I dolled myself up like this!

Marriage has been a study in contrasts. 

Prior to today, I can't recall being so angry at someone and then SO happy to see a smile cross his face.  (When I'm angry, I try to tell him to NOT look at me, because I hate to lose all that righteous indignation with one grin!)

Poor Mr. RH has learned a LOT about his new bride: like the fact that the most type-A among us could call her a slob, even though she's never dirty.  She will lose her damn mind if you leave a dish in the sink.  Don't touch her kindle or she will wreck you. She will also flip out if you use her toothbrush, even accidentally!  No, she's not just relieved that you brushed your teeth.  Ick, gross.  She cries for no reason.... sometimes, even because she feels like crying.  She will eat slices of cheese for dinner and can't possibly understand the problem with that.  She thinks it's OK to skip washing your hair for days on end if it looks good.  DEAL WITH IT.

I'm sorry, I feel like that was a tangent. 

Marriage.  It's really effing hard, but it makes me laugh SO much harder than I've ever laughed.  It's a doozy, but one I would repeat a hundred times again - but only with the right guy.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. RH!  If I knew how great our lives together were going to turn out when I met you shopping for cologne, I for sure wouldn't have tried to pass you off onto my coworker.

Love you.

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