Monday, February 3, 2014

Wedding Photos: Bride and Groom Portraits

When we last left off, you had just seen the beautiful BFFs and I rocking our gorgeous robes and me finally getting into my wedding dress.

At this point, we were running a solid half-hour behind - even though I had built in plenty of cushion.  To say I was feeling frazzled was an understatement.  Because frazzled is pretty much my natural state of being.

After a couple of pics with my gorgeous maids, I realized that everybody needed to get dressed - and they had makeup that needed to be applied.

Best of all... I had a groom that had been patiently waiting in front of my friend's gorgeous home watching a game of tag football with a group of his former students from student teaching.  Small world.

After we gave the poor man a solid thirty minutes of waiting... our (husband and wife duo) photographers, CarisDesign, decided to snap a few individual snaps of each of us before the big reveal.  Eeeek!

My patient handsome groom looks so nervous in these photos, to me at least.

Meanwhile, I was chilling in my friends' library.  Ahh, to have friends with libraries.

Love how I'm so proper and straight-backed and goofy in my dress.  I clearly wasn't used to it yet!  

 Damn I loved those flowers.  So much.

Note to self:  No lashes are too big for your wedding day.  Could've gone bigger!

Absolutely love the card I picked out on Etsy.  Wish I could have sneak-ed and seen his face while he opened it.

Cufflinks for my groom.  (Also personalized on Etsy).  I'm thinking I must have gotten the charm with my mom's picture on it there, too.  I just really can't remember or find a good record of it. 

Aaand then.... it was time for the First Look!

Can't wait to share even more! 

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the girl in the red shoes said...

Man, could you be any more gorgeous?!?!?! The two of you are going to have the CUTEST babies some day!

Tess said...

That picture of your mom around your bouquet is so beautiful.

All of your wedding pictures have honestly just been breathtaking.

Karen said...

Love LOVE these. Anyone else bawling at the mom charm on the flowers?! SUCH a lovely idea!

Jeanie said...

Beautiful pics! My niece also had a small picture frame with my mom's (her grandmother) picture. It fell off her bouquet so she put it in her bra. Grammy didn't miss the wedding that way! Can't wait to see more photos.

Gina said...

You look beautiful! Mr. RH isn't bad either.

Whitney said...

I can't believe you are leaving us hanging for first look pics!!!! Aggghhhh!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love that you had a charm so your mom was with you that day.

And girl, that library! Wow! What a photo!

Leigh said...

So gorgeous! Love all of the pictures

Sonya said...

The pictures in the library are TO DIE FOR! You need a library like that someday just so you can put that picture in it.

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