Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Here Comes the Bachelorette Edition

I'm not even going to start this blog post with an apology for dropping off the planet because I'm the only one in the world who's this busy.  Ahem.

So, instead I will say that life has thrown me some wicked curveballs lately.  So much so that I'm taking off my catcher's mitt, putting it over my head, and slowly rocking back and forth in the corner. 

As we get closer to the wedding day, I realize more and more how totally unprepared and far behind I am.  GULP. 

However, it all doesn't matter, because in 48 hours I will be headed off for my bachelorette weekend in Lake Geneva, WI. 

Unfortunately, the weather forecast looks like this:

Which means it shall rain the entire weekend (until I leave at 10 am on Sunday), and I can't get my float on allll dang weekend. 

If just one thing could go right this week - I would be hugely grateful.  I would definitely cry.  (I will probably cry regardless.)

I haven't packed a thing, haven't thought about what I need to bring, and I definitely haven't put together my little Thank-Yous to the bachelorette attendees who are driving over 5 hours with me to celebrate my whiney butt.

Ok ok, I swear I'm not that much of a Debbie Downer.  I'm excited, but some existing work drama is really killing my spirit (understatement of the century). 

So if you don't hear from me before then.... cheers to the freakin' weekend.

And when I come back, I will have SO MUCH to share with you.  Engagement photos (omg, omg, omg!), many wedding things DONE, many wedding things UNDONE, and on and on. 


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Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I'm excited to catch up on your wedding planning! I would DIE to have weather like that. Being 7 months pregnant in 97 degree south Florida is absolutely....I can't think of a good word, but it's pretty darn miserable! But, I hope it's prettier for you than that. If not, have an extra drink or two ;)

Lauren said...

Girl that weather looks fine! Comfortable even - shoot, we have a 40% chance every single day in summer, and it only rains occasionally :) It'll be gorgeous!

Kelly B. said...

oh girl, I was MOH for a whiney miserable bride who actually called her fiancé to meet up with us at the bar and only THEN did she start having ANY fun. (talk about insulting to the rest of us). I guess my point is- enjoy it no matter what the weather is because it'll be a blast!

also, super excited for more wedding posts. The closer I get, the more I just want to binge on them. haha.

Andie said...

that weather looks pretty awesome to me! we have a 50% chances of rain nearly every day so this sounds perfect to me! :)

Aly said...

Have so much fun!! You deserve it!

mfriend said...

Enjoy your Bachette party!! I spent a summer in Lake Geneva doing an internship at Grand Geneva. I love it there! Post lots of pics :)

Jeanie said...

Found a great wedding invitation/rsvp card for you. Hope it's not too late.

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