Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Cue Freakout

As the wedding date of one of my dear friends approaches (and Tess' wedding!), I am struck with the notion that the countdown is on for me, as well.  Barely over 100 days. 

One of the biggest things that I will dilly-dally over is the invites, which should be ordered fairly soon.

The problem is... I guess our (haha, MY) wedding "colors" aren't very popular, because there is exactly 1 invite that contains both blue and red.

Oh you know, just a ROUND invitation in red and blue. 

Not sure how I feel about round invitations.  I'm just not a round girl.

That being said... do the invites need to "match" the wedding?

I tried falling in love with a traditional, ivory and black/blue/whatever colored invite and I just couldn't do it.  I'm just a colorful girl. 

So.  Do invites need to match the wedding?

Does the wedding even have a personal style yet? 

Not really.

Just some ideas and a lot of hope.

Tell me what to do.  Please and thank you.

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Sarah said...

Hmmm... Maybe do white/blue invites and add the pop of red with the envelopes? That is a toughie, most wedding invites are blah, and the ones that aren't are so incredibly $$ that it's ridiculous.

Lauren said...

Your invites do NOT need to match the wedding. Promise. The only one who will notice is you - and maybe your bridesmaids who you consult with on invites! :)

Jac said...

Could you maybe get a white invite and then add a blue or red accent, like a ribbon? Or a sticker or stamp? To save money we ordered plain white invites and I got a purple ink pad and a flower stamp and stamped the corner of the invite. Describing it sounds very crafty and homemade looking but I was actually really happy with it.

Tess said...

Hah - I love you!!

Also, I really, really like the colors of your wedding!

I do not think that the invites need to match the wedding - just set the mood of the wedding. I think it's nice to have the same flow/idea/style - but it does not have to be a perfect match at all!

Although, I do love Jac's idea, of like pulling in a cool stamp or sticker and using it on the invite, and then having that show up again on a napkin, or the welcome bag on the actual day. Very cute!

Tess said...

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Meg @ write meg! said...

I'll go ahead and plug Wedding Paper Divas, as that's where I've just ordered from -- I totally customized the invitation to our colors, which are also not very popular (red and gray!). I just found a design I loved and could "envision" in those hues, then made a note to change the colors to red and silver/gray, etc. Everything was done beautifully, and I got to see a proof before they went to press... in case, you know, those colors actually did not look good together. (Which would have been a big problem.)

While I don't think the invites need to match the wedding colors to a T, the invite definitely sets the tone for the wedding. A casual invite suggests a casual affair, etc. I would keep looking until you find a design that suits you, then work to match the colors to what you like! :)

Claudz said...

You invite does not need to be in the wedding colours it just needs to set the tone for your guests. So if your wedding is elegant and romantic, the invite should be elegant and romantic.
Some brides don't like giving the colours away.
Our invite was photos of us and the text was in the wedding colour. The invite was tied in a ribbon in the wedding colour.
I love the idea JAC has of keeping it a neutral colour (shade of white or grey) and then adding a ribbon or stamp in the accent colour.
But don't worry, invites set the tone but end up getting tossed so don't spend too much money
Good luck!!

Diary of a Southern Belle said...

They do not need to match. My reception will be more tropical. But I found elegant navy and creme invites that I'm so totally in love with!!!

Jessica said...

First, I think you should have whatever invitation you want. It is your wedding after all (and the only one you plan on having). I'm not sure if I'm the only person who worried about what people would think about what I picked, but does it really matter? It's your day! Second, I'm not sure where you're getting your invitations, but you really should check out wedding paper divas. They have a ton of choices and then you can customize the colors. I found an invitation I liked and changed it to match my wedding colors. They will send you a proof. Mine turned out so well! They are really fast on printing and shipping them too. Good luck!

Kelly & Dusty said...

Etsy! Someone will design ANYTHING your heart desires!!!

Vicki said...

Zazzle has a bunch of pretty red & blue invitations!!! Here are a few of my favorites I just found for you real quick (no idea if they go with the style of of your wedding, but they are the right color and not round haha)

Good luck!!! :-)

Steel Magnolia said...

I think it's nice when the paper coordinates with the rest of the party. As the wedding unfolds, guests will see a cohesive idea from start to finish. That being said, I think subtlety is key here. Maybe a white invitation with gold and blue writing/detail and a red ribbon around the whole package. Or just blue and gold and add the red in elsewhere. You don't have to give it ALL away from the beginning. I would suggest working with a local stationery place where you can go in and sit down with someone and come up with something unique. It doesn't cost any more than ordering online, promise!

Stephanie said...

I understand your frustration, I had the same problem for my wedding last year. What I ended up doing worked out perfectly and I was so happy with the result. I bought a template off of etsy and then the designer worked with me and changed the colors. I then worked with a local printer to get them printed. It was actually a lot more afforadable than everywhere else I had been looking. If you have some time, I would suggest browsing etsy.

Oh, and Hi. I am a long time reader, first time commenter. :)

sarah said...

Here's my 2 cents...

The invites don't have to match your wedding, but you might try going in to a stationary place and seeing what they have in your price range. Lots of things can be personalized but I found doing it in person was easier than trying to do something online. And in my case, it ended up being less expensive than lots of other things I found that I was "meh" about.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I'm assuming you have looked on Etsy for invites. If you found one you liked I bet the designer could color match the invite to your colors. I like someone else's idea of tying everything together with a monogram that can be used throughout the wedding. Let me know if I can help you with anything design wise! I may not have the exact fonts, etc you are wanting, but I'm more than willing to try.

Rachel said...

Hmmm....I tough call. My initial reaction is yes, they should match. But when I really stop and think about it, it doesn't matter. Is it a nice touch? Yes. But not necessary.

I got my wedding invites from a gal on Etsy and she completely customized them for me. Not sure if you've looked there!

The Lovely One said...

(I didn't read all the comments so someone might have already said this).

Maybe do the invites on ivory cardstock with blue writing, and then put them in ivory envelopes that have a red lining? Then you have a classic invite with the POC that you've been looking for?

mangovino said...

I don't think they HAVE to match but I think the invitation is an awesome 1st peak into what your wedding will be like for the guests. I say try Wedding Paper Divas or Minted - both let you totally customize your colors and aren't super expensive. Round invitations cost more to mail BTW so I would avoid those if possible. So do square ones.

Crystal @EatDrinkClev

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