Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still Kicking, Nov 1st Edition

Whoa, 15 days of blog silence.  I did NOT realize it had been that long.  There were multiple days when I ran to the computer to tap out a quick hello... and just as quickly had to retreat for other obligations, mostly work-related.

  • Because things are SO hectic at work (and will continue to be for probably the best part of the next 2 months)... I haven't had time to do any wedding-related things.  So, nothing new to report there. 

  • Mr. RH is good and ready for student teaching to be over.  As he informed me this morning, only 20 more days of student teaching.  
  • As for me, only 60 days left of holiday craziness at work.  I love it SO much... but I've got a nasty head cold and would really just enjoy resting in bed instead of barking out orders and such All. Day. Long.  For once, I just wish someone would tell me what to do for a change.  As much as I'm bossy and I love being the boss... sometimes, another person in charge would be the best gift ever.
  • I've been a shopping fool lately and I feel like I have nothing to show for it.  It's truly sad.
  • I've been working on a biiig DIY project for Mr. RH and I.  Apparently my dad is sick of his garage being my project staging area because I believe he's putting the finishing touches on it tonight (while I'm at work).  Not my fault it's too cold to paint in the garage at 7 am when I'm not working!
  • I spent many days worrying about my brother, who lives in NY, during hurricaine Sandy.  He was a lucky little brat though - nothing big happened AND he got a couple of days off work.  WITH power.  So, basically a good excuse to power through his DVR.  Asshole.
  • So, both of Mr. RH's sisters are pregnant.  One with a girl, 34 weeks.  One with twin boys, 24 weeks.  Since his one sis is about to pop, it's time for a baby shower, right?  Turns out her friends are assholes.  (Is that the theme of this post, assholes?)  So, I'm throwing her a shower in 9 days.  Next Saturday.  Invites were supposed to go out yesterday but I didn't have them licked by the time the mail went out... so I'm driving out to the post office now (7 am) to make sure they go out asap.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute!  So, I'm throwing a shower at my house (my dad's house, let's be real right now).  It's not exactly configured for entertaining, so... yay?  9 days of breakdowns, here I come.
  • Exactly how much food should be prepared for a 20 person baby shower at 2 pm on a Saturday?  Suggestions?
  • Also, love my future-SIL but her colors are fuchsia/raspberry and brown.  Nothing easy like pink.  So, anybody know where to get mass amounts of fuchsia tissue paper?
Ok, it's time to go craft-it-out for this shower.... right after I get my butt to the post office.  I'll have to post pics of the shower invite tomorrow - they are SO cute.

I'm here, I'm alive.  How are YOU?

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K said...

You're so nice to throw her a baby shower! I'm sure that she will love whatever you do! And always overestimate for food. I went to a baby shower at 1:00 PM once and the mother thought everyone would have eaten lunch and barely had any food. It didn't go over well. Lastly... if you have a dollar store near you they pretty much have everything you could ever want/need and it is definitely on the cheap!

Meg @ write meg! said...

Holy cow, you have been busy! I definitely feel for you and hope the next few months go smoothly. That's crazy about the shower, but I'm sure you can pull it off! Take to Pinterest and show us your crafty creations. Also? I think this punch is ridiculously cute, though I've never been able to make it for a shower as of yet. Might come in handy!

Steel Magnolia said...

Definitely slightly overestimate with the food - better to have too much than not enough, but I would think things that would make a light lunch or afternoon snack would suffice. Chicken salad, fruit, crudites, cupcakes, and punch would be perfect!

Andie said...

For the food- keep it simple. To save time (and money) go to Costco or Sams and get lots of those Nancy's mini quiches, make a big salad, maybe get some finger sandwiches, a veggie tray, fruit salad, and cake. Most of it you can get from a local grocery and it will save you annoyance and frustration!

and fuschia tissue- TARGET!!! Seriously- in the "spritz" section. I swear I have seen it in there!

Wearing Mascara said...

That's so nice that you're throwing her shower. Love it. I agree with Andie: Keep it simple! Think easy and people will appreciate it (and you).

Mrs. Jones said...

Glad you are alive! :-) Sounds like a fun and busy time!

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