Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Greetings, Humanity!

As I seem to post around here lately... I'm still alive!!  Black Friday is kicking my trash... but it'll all be over in 10 days!  (I cannot believe Thanksgiving is that close!)

So, the big baby shower was this past Saturday.  The day turned into quite a whirlwind and I'm a little sad that it's over.

I got up first thing and did some cooking and cleaning... jumped in the car across town to Hobby Lobby, where I proceeded to the checkout sans wallet.  Quick 20 minute trip home and I restarted my day.

Beyond that, things went smoothly.  Minus the fact that I forgot to take pictures and then I think I offended Mr. RH's mom cause I wouldn't let her help in the kitchen... mostly cause there was nothing to do!  It went off pretty smoothly, and more people showed up than I had expected.  Thankfully, I overbought on food cause duh.

I forgot to get a picture of me and the mommy-to-be, which I know I will regret times infinity.  Is it awkward to make her take a photo with me on Thanksgiving?  She is obviously 9 months pregnant and is thus not fond of the photographic evidence of such.... I think she looks pretty great.

So, I really DIY-d this party out.  I had big poufs hanging from the light fixtures... which I did not photograph.

I did snap a pic of the bunting I made, though.


While snapping a picture of the loot I inadvertently got a  pic of the two canvases I crafted... don't worry, I love the "S" canvas on the right so much I think I will be making one for myself VERY soon.

The letters on the canvas I posted about last week got painted the lightest pink, but you can't see it from this picture.

And yes, I made a diaper cake.  It. was. awesome.  Ok, it was fine.  But it was easier than most diaper cakes AND smelled powdery-fresh.

Future-SIL was not so fond of cheese-tastic shower games, so I invented one.  I printed up some 4x6 notecards that said "Advice for Mommy" and had everyone write a little tidbit of advice.  We left them unsigned, then made her guess who wrote the advice.  She got most of them right, smarty-pants!

My advice said:  "When you get tired or frustrated or she won't stop crying, Aunt Sarah will always want to snuggle the baby."

 I thought it was cute.  Mr. RH's mom is probably worried I'm going to die of baby fever.  Which may be true.

I made mommy pose with Miss Savannah's prissy new boots.  As a probably-December baby, she obviously needed something practical.

 Those boots were just so tiny and cute, you can't even imagine.  DIE.

I then informed her that Savannah was going to get shoved into a Christmas stocking on my watch if I had anything to say about it... she agreed enthusiastically, 100%!  I think there are only so many babies born each year that will fit into a Christmas stocking - best take advantage of it, I say!

Last but not least in this photo post... did I mention that both of Mr. RH's sisters are expecting?  And that the one of them is having twins?! 

Yeah, so there are THREE babies in my future.  Now if we could just convince the twins to keep baking a couple months longer.

Baby Savannah, on the left, is 35 weeks.

The twin boys, on the right, are 25 weeks.

The twins have three older sisters who are absolutely over the moon to meet them - although I'm not so sure the girls can wrap their brains around TWO babies.  Minds blown.

The twins have been having a bit of a rough time baking, so it was extra-exciting that both sisters were at the shower.  Probably one of the #1 reasons I was so excited to throw it.

So.  I baby-showered and my store's Black Friday schedule is 90% complete.  It's like running two marathons in three days.

Now, who wants to help me clean my bomb of a bedroom???  I mean, where else was I supposed to store all my crap when I cleaned for the baby shower?

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Melanie said...

I've followed your blog for a while now- first time commenting, though. We have twin boys, too. They were born in December and when the nurses brought them to my room for the first time, they had them stuffed into a big ole' Christmas stocking (love). So, that would be totally acceptable for you to put your future niece in one!!!

Mrs. Perez said...

That diaper cake looks amazing!! Sounds like you pulled off an awesome shower.

P.S. Please pretty please post the baby in a stocking photo! Cutest idea, ever.

Meg @ write meg! said...

Yay! Glad to hear everything went well, and fairly soon(-ish?) you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and put this busy time behind you. I actually love baby showers and shower games -- I would have been all over that!

BriBrooke said...

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BriBrooke said...

I'm hosting a shower on Sunday. I love watching the mom to be open up all those baby gifts. I'm such a goober. I def have baby fever!


how i met your father blog said...

wow. three babies in your future/ how did you get so lucky?

Leslie said...

Great job on the diaper cake and those booties!!! Too cute :)

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