Friday, July 27, 2012

More Answers, Coming Right Up!

I still have a HUGE stack of unanswered questions... and unfortunately they are not going around answering themselves.  Annoying!

Of course, I also STILL haven't taken the pictures I want for several of them... so we're just all going to have to suffer through the awful word-heavy posts.  Sorry bout your bad luck.

Courtney asked…
Are you and Mister RH going to move in together? Do you plan on ever moving out of your dad's place? Are you sure you didn't buy the gift card and then turn around and spend it?
I am in NEED of a Sarah shopping post, even if it's a wish list. 

I think I will probably end up moving out of my dad's place when I get married - at least that's how things seem to be going at this point.  I never thought I'd end up living with my dad - and certainly not for this long.  But I think it's made missing my mom a little bit different.  It just works.

It's just weird when I think it out loud.  Is this my life?!

I found the gift card.  I have not, however, mailed it.  I suck.

Shopping post coming... someday.  I've taken a bunch of pictures randomly.  I should get on that, eh?

Lauren said…
I wish target would sponsor my life too! If you and Mister RH were to get married (are you blushing yet?!) where would your IDEAL wedding locale be?

Ohhhh gosh, this question is BEYOND difficult.  I'm not gonna lie, I have a dream wedding in mind.  It's a magazine clipping from some magazine a hundred years ago.   I want the ceremony itself inside of a church (although I loooove weddings outdoors - they're so gorgeous... I'm just Catholic.  Weddings are IN the church.), but I have this vision of a reception in this big, old art deco mansion.  I know that seems like an odd description, but the pictures of this wedding are seriously burned in my brain.  I shall try to locate those pictures and post them... because I probably don't remember it properly and it'll probably make me laugh now.

And on another completely unrelated note - doesn't everyone dream of getting married on the water?

The Java Mama said…
When are you and Mr. RH getting married? Do you have a timeline? Have you talked about wedding, babies, and all the biz about your future? I wanna know :P I'm nosy huh? 

We have discussed alllll of the above.  Nothing is set in stone, I promise I shall keep you all in the loop though.  He's obviously younger than I am, and I think we're both quite aware of that fact.  I don't want to rush him, and he doesn't want to hold me up.

Babies, yes please.  With curly blonde hair and his eyes, pretty please?!

And I don't think you're nosy at all... pretty much everyone in my life asks me the same questions.  Every single day.

Rebecca asked…
I have to say that Mr. RH has great hair. Do you prefer it long or short?

Oh GOD now this is just the question, isn't it?!  Mr. RH has the best hair.  It is the hair that makes teenage girls giggle and little old ladies want to pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair.  Not kidding.

A month or so ago, Mr. RH received quite the hack job from the local barber-salon place.  They BUZZED his head.  Of course, I didn't tell him, but I was quite upset.  He went from this fuzzy-headed (not really fuzzy, but it had a lot of personality) boy to a clean-cut man.  Quite the chameleon! 

I love his hair long because it is silky and beautiful and curly.  It's beyond gorgeous.  On the other hand... when it's short, I can see his eyes - which are my favorite feature.  How can I ever choose?

I can't.  I think he's actually preferring it a bit short right now because it's zero maintenance.  Curly hair takes work, even for boys!  It's selfish of me, but I hope I get to see him play both sides of the fence on this one.  Whereas I have always had the same hair forever and ever amen... I want to see both of his.  If I was forced at gunpoint to pick... gosh, I think I'd pick curls - just because they are unique and beautiful.

Kelsey asked...
All these questions are hilarious so far... My question is how do you and Mr RH find time to the deed when you are living with your dad?
Bwahahahahaha!!  This question cracked me up!
Personal question!!  I can feel Mr. RH blushing from across town!   Mr. RH does live alone, so it's not like we have a constant chaperone.  Not to mention - I work a lot of nights, so it's not like we have lots of cozy nights at home on the couch with my dad.

Just enough to make Mr. RH uncomfortable.  :)

I think you've mentioned Mr. RH is in school. What does he want to do after he graduates?
Also, will you ever reveal his real first name on your blog?

He wants to teach high school English... even though I not-so-secretly think he's better suited for middle school.  I suppose he could deal with that if it happened.

I probably won't go out posting "Mr. RH's name is ____________".  His name is unique, and in education image is pretty specific.  I think it might be harmful if his boss could find out when ClassyFabSarah finds time to sleep with him while living at home... ya know?

Am I being overly neurotic?

Krystal asked
Do you and Mr. RH plan on moving in together soon??

Nope... no plans that I know about.  I'm not sure if he's never brought it up because he doesn't see it as an option - or if he's not really interested.  GOOD QUESTION!  I believe this is a question for Mr. RH... maybe we need to have an Ask Mr. RH post soon??

I think that is quite enough from me today... it's FRIIIDAY which means tonight is the Olympics opening ceremonies from London!!  My wine is chilling and I can't wait to get home and into my sweats to enjoy the happenings.

GO TEAM USA!!!!!!!!!

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K said...

OK I have to ask a question to all of these questions? Do you ever get tired of answering the "when will you guys" questions? I remember before we were engaged, and even before we lived together, I wanted to poke my eye out if one more person asked me or told me what we should be doing. Haha. Was it just me?

-Lauren said...

You crack my ass up! Love your answers.

Meg @ write meg! said...

Woohoo, Olympics! I'm super pumped, too. Is it bad that I want to paint my nails silver and gold for the occasion? Or maybe emulate the union jack? I'm so obsessed with London, I know I'm going to be flipping out with all the UK-based imagery.

Tess said...

I'm with Lauren - you crack my ass up too! ;)

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