Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday, Woof.

To those of you who go to work every Monday morning and slave away to the man... I salute you.

I typically work Monday nights, so this "case of the Mondays" is brought to you by my boss' vacation.  She's out until July 5th and I am seething with jealousy.

Even though, as she keeps pointing out, I have at least 10 vacation days to schedule and I have yet to do it. Because it's impossible to make plans with friends who are allll over the dang place.  Literally and figuratively.  My boss, sweet lady that she is, made a copy of the July schedule so I could see when I could fit in some days off, and when I couldn't (when other managers have time-off scheduled)... I just went to grab the schedule and, of course, it's not in my purse.  So I get to make another copy today.  And then put it in my wallet and not lose it.  Go team.


I'm in a major blogging rut.  I made a conscious decision that I want to NOT give up on this blog (I wasn't considering it, but it works nicely for dramatic effect here).... and since it's summer and everyone's posting a bit lighter... I just feel a little lost.

I don't have awesome giveaways or the best pictures or a crap-ton of crafts.... what I do have is a million and one Classy Bookshelf posts (hmm, my book-reading has taken off and my blogging has suffered - don't think that's a coincidence!).

I think that I shall beg you all to give me questions and fabulous post ideas on Wednesday.... what shall the incentive be?  Target gift card?  (I mean honestly, is there ANYTHING better than Target?  I dare you to tell me what it is.)

As for Monday... I gotta to go put my big girl panties on and deal with The Man bright and early today.  Somehow, he was much easier to face at 1 pm.  Woe is me!

Happy Monday (kinda)!

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Beth's Blog said...

have a happy day :)

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

hey, i never realized i've been reading more lately, and blogging may be on to something!!

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