Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wine Wednesday: Much Deserved Edition

It's been a full week since I posted (and it was a lame post at best!)... but I swear I have a good reason.  This stupid man cold has been hanging on (and on and on). 

Every time I think I'm getting better (like Monday), I wake up feeling like I got punched in the face-parts again.  It's a never-ending cycle of fun, I tell you.  On the upside, I slept through the night for the first time in 2 weeks on Monday and it was glorious.

Congrats, I'm officially 3 months old.

Thanks to my never-ending sickness, I seem to be behind on everything. 

My plants are chilling on my porch in their plastic containers, begging to get put into the ground.  A laundry bomb went off in my bedroom and I can't find the source.  And disgustingly my bathroom vanity needs a good scrubdown.... but I'm just too lazy to follow through.

Luckily, I declared today no-shower Wednesday to buy myself some precious morning time back.  Because if I didn't post something I'm sure you'd all begin to wonder if I was dead.

Which, if this cold doesn't quit, I very might well be.

Wine time?

Yes please.

I'm pretty sure we picked this up at World Market.... but I know nothing other than that.  It's beyond sweet and moscato-y.  I didn't even drink all that much of it because Mr. RH was being a wet blanket and insisted on going for a jog after wine-time.  Lame.

And that's all you get, folks.  Unless you have remedies for the never-ending cold.  Because I can't even get to the dang doctor till Monday cause I'm so booked up... but of course if I make an appointment I will be healed immediately... so I'm not making an appointment.

Maybe if I just drink all the wine I will be miraculously healed?


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Caitlin said...

Your posts crack me up! I hope you start to feel better soon! Nothing wrong with a little moscato type wine to catch that cold of yours ;)

the girl in the red shoes said...

I say drink the wine! And maybe call in sick one day to work too.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I hope the cold goes away soon! I agree with the comment above, maybe a sick day is in order!

Taylor said...

Oooooooo Moscato, my favorite. Okay - wine has alcohol in it and alcohol kills germs. I say drink away.

Cheerful Homemaker said...

I don't think most 3 month olds sleep all night. Heck, G is almost 7 months and he doesn't!

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