Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Great Button Debate

Sometimes in life, a man wakes up and decides that today is the day he wants to impress his women.  Through his extensive collection of shirts he wades, deep into the recesses of his closed - past the polos and t-shirts - to select a shirt with buttons down the front.

Let's go ahead and pretend I didn't just notice this shirt has snaps instead of buttons.  I have SO few photos of Mr. RH, and this makes my heart sad.  Let's not dwell.

In selecting the shirt with buttons, a man has secured his place as more attractive than a man in a t-shirt simply by choice of shirt.  It's an impressive feat.

However, there is one thing left to be settled.  Is the shirt, with buttons down the front, a "button-up" shirt or a "button-down" shirt.

As pointed out by Sarah, button-down technically refers to the collar of a dress shirt, which is actually buttoned down to the shirt to ensure the tie stays in place.

Technicalities aside, this was a hot-button debate.

On team button-up:  @MisterRH@teatimewithtess, @theratpack07, @pnutsandpearls, @brwneyedlinds, @perfectwhitebow, @_amandadee, @samkbt, @smithja2003, @sara_may

On team button-down:  @ClassyFabSarah, @HRobud, @whaleflipflops, @mshep2188, @belleinpink, @iwbadg, , @cheeryhomemaker, @thenortherner, @kolkatamomRN, @Gracie_Beth, @pinksass, @SadieCass, @natylite78, @TheSouthernWife, @emshrock, @jessmodestlyrox, @KappaCarrie

@tthompson14 further brought up the point that they are actually two different kinds of shirts.  But at this point, my head had already exploded (because I was right and feeling big-headed) and couldn't deal.  This was seconded with info by @_ssh.

Have we missed any points, friends? Or am I just right, along with at least 17 of the coolest people on the internet.


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Daisy said...

They are two different shirts. Button up refers to a man's shirt with buttons (and a collar, most likely) and a button down refers to a man's shirt with buttons and button *down* collar, which shouldn't be worn w/ a tie.

Miss Chelsea said...

I call em buttondown

Tiffany Mendenhall said...

I get the technicalities but @glamandfab calls it a button down. :)

Tiffany Mendenhall said...

PS...I always love funny debates like this. Like stuffing or dressing. It's dressing!!

katmcd said...

In NJ, we refer to those as button downs.

Sara said...

See, leave it to Daisy to know the proper names of these things. :)

southernbellejm said...

i've always called it a button down. i thought it was just a northern/southern thing. i figured it was because you button the buttons going down. Ha! learn something new every day:)

Tess said...

hahha this is hilarious - and just so you know, after you posted this on twitter Joel and I fought about it for like a good twenty five minutes....and then this morning in the bath I was like, ok, is it button up? Or, do I say - Ohhhh....I love your button down.

It's such a legit question!!!!

Anonymous said...

I refer to all such shirts as "button front" just to be difficult. ;)

The Lovely One said...

This must be a regional thing... I call it a button up shirt and I've never heard it called anything else!

Leslie said...

I call it a dress shirt. Then the button down collar vs regular collar doesn't much matter.

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