Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wine Wednesday: Non-Drinker Edition

You guys... I'm not sure I can drink alcohol anymore.  Any time I drink, even a very small amount, I toss and turn in bed alllllll night long.  At first I thought I was just waking up to pee or take a drink of water... but eventually I end up staring at the ceiling before I admit defeat in the wee hours of the morning and get up for the day.

Regardless, this has not dimmed my enthusiasm to continue buying wine.  Just drinking it.

This week's wine wasn't even purchased by me, it was purchased by my dad.  He saw it at Trader Joe's in Louisville and ended up making a trip to Indy just to pick it up because I had to have it.

Side note:  Black Tulips.

These sprouted up last spring and I have been dying to find more ever since.  Don't they look so badass?

And yes, I realize they are probably purple and not black.. but black seems way more intense.

So.... anyone know where I can buy black tulips?  I need to plant more in the fall so I can have them everywhere!

Please and thank you.

Happy Wine Wednesday!

What are YOU drinking?

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~Haley~ said...

They sprouted in my yard the past 2 springs, too, but haven't been able to find them anywhere in Ohio! If you figure it out, let me know, I want to plant more!!!


Amanda said...

I love that your dad went to get the wine because you had to have it. Dad's are awesome!

Georgina Si said...

Those are GORGEOUS! Let us know how the wine is, it looks like it may be a pinot grigio (my favorite) so of course I'll need to try it for research :)

Cheerful Homemaker said...

Gurney's has a mixed package of bulbs that include "almost black" tulips.

Brown Girl said...

OMG, that's been happening to me when I drink as well, it's so annoying. Not letting it stop me or slow me down. ;)

Wednesday Wine said...

I find I cannot drink red wine at all, I get terrible head aches, but white wine is okay. My mom is the same way, red wine has something in it that just does not agree with some people. As it happens my husband loves red wine. Ah, but we are not big drinkers, it is nice to have on a warm summer after noon though.
As for your tulips you can buy them at most any gardening shop in the fall, I had some that were double and "black", you just need to make sure they are in a visible spot or they are lost.
Anyhow very sweet blog I enjoyed it, happy Wine Wednesday, take care.

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