Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No Good, Very Terrible Girlfriend

So, you see, Valentine's Day came and went.  And I got this cute, sassy pair of earrings that I loved... but I had also begged Mr. RH for a cupcake carrier.

I showed him the $25 carrier I wanted on Amazon... but I never sent him the link.

Critical error.

Valentine's Day came and went but the cupcake carrier was on the way....  and when it came, I felt like I had a big problem.


Mr. RH saw the big, fancy carrier and it was pink and.... huge.

I'm gonna be real honest here:  the last time I baked any cake/cupcake from scratch was.... when Mr. RH made me a green velvet cake for Valentine's Day.

Before that?  Um, never.


My cupcakes come in batches of 24, if that.  Definitely not 36.

And (again?) I beg Mr. RH to let me return a gift that he bought me.

I'm a terrible girlfriend.

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The Branches said...

oh you are not! I'm sure he understands as long as he still gets to eat the cupcakes you make ;)

Anonymous said...

ugh who returns so many gifts bought with love seriously...everytime i check in on your blog you are returning something or being ungrateful fors omething..

Susan said...

Don't return it... keept it. You will be surprised when you need it!

Rachel said...

I agree, keep it. I only wish I had one that big (and pink!)! : )

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...thank you!!! Who begs someone for presents anyway? After the age of five at least.

Gwen said...

I say keep it. You'll use it one day. Maybe it will give you reason to bake extra cupcakes and deliver them to family or friends. Hell...I wish someone would bring me cupcakes. Fly down here and bring me some. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I agree with #1 anonymous. Even if Mr. RH doesn't seem bothered that you want to return his gifts, believe me, he is. It hurts my feelings just reading about you finding fault. You really should be more appreciative.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely keep it ... and be grateful! It might come in handy - when you are one day taking cupcakes in to that classroom of 25+ kids!

Most importantly you should keep it to show Mr. RH that you appreciate his thoughtfulness. You are sounding like an old married couple! Yes, I have returned things that my husband has chosen but it took me a long time to do that. It isn't worth hurting someone's feelings especially over something like a cupcake carrier. Yes, I have done it with large ticket items that we just couldn't afford. If I remember correctly you have been together less than a year. At that point I was never suggesting gift ideas, but enjoying gifts that my boyfriend had chosen.

I believe you went through this at Christmas as well. It sounds like you really care about him...and I'm afraid he will have enough! It isn't classy or fabulous!

(don't have a google acct)

I have never commented before but really felt I needed to share.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That is SO something I would do. I'm the worst at committing to something and have to see it in person a few times, lol. THEN, I love it!

Busana Muslim said...

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