Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VS Fashion Show

So, unless you've been living under a rock you know that last night was the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on CBS.  I look forward to this show for various reasons, but mostly because (in the past), I love Heidi Klum.  Any chance I get to see my fake-life BFF is high on my to-do list.

Unfortunately for me, my power went out at about 9 pm last night, if not earlier.  We got about 5 inches of heavy, wet snow and the power was on and off all night.

Fortunately, the power must have come on for a couple of minutes so I had about 15 minutes of show on my DVR this morning.

So here's the thing.  I loved the VS Fashion show in it's heydey.  When it was known for over the top Tyra and Heidi and their big smiles and bigger... cup sizes.  When there were stories in magazines praising the VS girls' for their big smiles, big laughs, and big personalities on the runway.

What I saw in my 15 minutes of DVR surfing... wasn't that.

Granted, back in the day there was no high-def or screen shots.  I can only imagine how much more pressure is added because of today's technology.

However, when I turned on the TV all I saw were pout-mouths and concave tummies.  Victoria's big secret was all over ever single model:  padded bras!  A cup didn't runneth over no matter which way you turned!  And the lack of smiles.  Oy vey, have they not seen  It's like they're uneducated!

Not to mention, I'm pretty sure they blurred out Adriana Lima's ass-cheek in multiple shots.  (Not positive it was her, but there was definite blur used on someone.)  I mean, they couldn't find a single pair of underwear that covered her ass?  Or at least 1/2 of it?

And this is a total aside... but seriously, is there some magical camel-toe defender that all the models were wearing?  I mean... do they band-aid their hoo-has together to prevent accidental camel-ing?  I'm just curious.  Seriously, that WAS an impressive lack of camel.

So am I just being a crotchety old woman (no surprise there) or is has the VS Fashion Show lost some of its luster?  I mean, the show is absolutely better-produced than ever - every little detail is planned meticulously.  But to me, it's just lost some of its sparkle.  That magical little something.

Something that looks a lot like this:

And now that I have that picture on here... yeah, she does look a little scary-skinnier than I remember.  Maybe I should stick to remembering the highlights in my head.

Did anybody else tune in?  Thoughts?

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Allison said...

I can't stop laughing about your comment "impressive lack of cameling"! you're so funny!

Michelle P said...

Haha love this! I couldn't watch it though because I had night class until 10 pm :(

Carolyn said...

I watched it last night too! And while I still loved it... the girls were a little TOO skinny, and it's just not the same without Heidi!!

etta said...

I've actually never watched it, which is probably good for my self-esteem and self-image. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hahahahahaaha! "do they band-aid their hoo-has together to prevent accidental camel-ing" I am dying! Too funny!

I recently read an article and these girls basically have the hardest workout/strictest diet ever 3 months prior to the show. They also don't have any liquids like 12 hours before the show. Its crazy.

I missed the whole thing this year! I fell asleep during Rudolph. Haha! I saw a few pictures though and one picture of Alessandra looked very unattractive. All I could stare at was hip bone and a lower abdomen that wasn't toned, but sucked in. She did not look good at all. Very skinny!

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