Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Forever Wasting My Monies

Soo I think it's about that time again - time for me to blow over a $100 at Forever21 and have not that much to show for it, despite the fact that I received 29 items. 12 of which were the long tunic tank tops I blogged about before

So, Forever21 had a jewelry sale a while back (30% off all jewelry!) and it's not like I had any willpower to begin with...  unfortunately for us all, the F21 site is being 21 kinds of crazy this morning and I can't get to the items to link to them.  So you're just going to have to bug me on twitter if you neeeeed to purchase any of these here awesome items.  (So yeah, you're probably going to be just fine.)

First up, new skinny jeans!  I know everyone has great Gap skinnies or something like that... but this is my 3rd and 4th pair of $10.50 skinny jeans from F21 and I could not be happier.  My first pair need retired because they are almost 3 years old and are all faded and awesome.

I got one pair of the Dark Skinny Ankle Jeans for boot-tucking....

... and then the Fab Stitch Skinny Jean for everyday wear with flats/heels/whatever.  Unfortunately the regular pair still has a HORRIBLE gapping problem at the waist.  Or I just have to order 3 sizes up to fit my thighs.  Either/or.

 Next up: shirts of shame.  So ugly I didn't even bother trying to make a photo of them look decent.  They're awful.  First, the Wild Lace Top.   So wild it's hideous.

 And then the soft dolman sweater.  Dude, WTF is dolman and why won't it go the hell away?  It's heinous.
 And it sucks because the sweater was really soft too.

And then... I decided my life needed more belts.  Lots of them.  And this is how I learned that not all XS/S belts are measured the same...

 See also: I like metallics.

Need another example of shiny love?  Metallic Animal Spot Scarf.  I'm so in love that I'm already devastated about the inevitable snagging that will ruin this scarf.

And then... there were accessories.  I have no clue why I decided I needed a brooch... but no worries, the Pearlescent Bow Brooch will be there when I need her.

This braided rhinestone bracelet is cute... but I know my boss would love it for Christmas.  Hard decisions....
I looove these Glittered Leopard Print Earrings, even if they are a teeny bit heavy.  My ears would be stretchy at the end of a work day, for sure... (gross!!)


But then I tried on these Beaded Teardrop Earrings and realized that if I ever jump into a body of water... these bad boys WILL drown me.  Look at THAT earlobe stretch.  (omg, I just barfed in my mouth.  Is this stretch talk making anyone else yak?)

Last but not least of the earrings... earring perfection: Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings.  Unlike most F21 earrings, they aren't huge, heavy, or cheap looking.  I have a feeling I am going to be wearing these a lot.

 It might just be me, but there is something about Christmas-time that makes me crave headbands.  Maybe I just like the idea of wrapping myself up as a present, but I think that one can't wear enough festive headwear during the holidays, especially whilst working retail and working hard to keep a smile one one's face.

However, I think I missed the mark on this first one.  I bought 3 different colors.  In my defense, it was only $1.

Yes, that is my face of shame, thanks for asking.

 I sorry?

Fortunately, it wasn't all misses in the headwear department.  This Rhinestone Flower headband is AMAZING.

But not as amazing as the Rosette Headband.... it's light and airy and feels like nothing on my head.  If only it came in red...

 Last but not least, the mac-daddy of my holiday headwear:  the Glittered Bow Headband.  So obnoxious it needs its own zip code (but in a good way).

As an update, yes I got my Kindle Fire yesterday.  It charged all day yesterday and I just started playing with it an hour ago.  Aaaand then came the technical difficulties.  We'll discuss more at a later date, yes?

Happy Tuesday, lovelies...

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Michelle P said...

All very cute!

SouthernBelleJM said...

oooh love the scarf!!!!

LC and I discussed e-readers last night. He wants me to get the kindle bc Nook scores low in consumer reports; however, I want color. You'll have to let me know about the Kindle Fire. Hopefully, the kinks can be worked out!

the girl in the red shoes said...

LOVE the headbands! They look so cute on you! I'm sorry you are having trouble with the kindle! That's zero fun.

The Branches said...

I love all your shopping goodies! If I could shop with anyone it would be YOU my deary!

Lauren said...

I love forever 21!!! You made some fantastic purchases, so cute!

Amanda said...

I love Forever 21, but am trying so hard not to shop right now! That sparkly bow headband is calling my name though...

etta said...

What a bummer that your KF was a lemon. :( At least your new one will be here tomorrow!

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