Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October. 2nd Verse, Same as the First.

Sooo.... I think I'm going to stop apologizing for taking long, unannounced blogging breaks.  And by "long" I mean less than one week.  Obviously.

So.  I was going to blog on Monday but on Sunday night something crazy happened.  And by crazy I mean.... everyone who has ever seen my "blogging space" predicted it would happen eventually.  I dumped a glass of wine on my laptop while attempting to answer my phone.

It. was. awesome.

Mr. RH was, I believe, in the bathroom at the time.  I start screaming and he comes running, assuming I am hurt by the hysteria he hears in my voice.  Not so.  He laughs and then I explain that I've been through this once before.  With a bad outcome.

I attempted for 5 minutes to remove the battery to the damn laptop (it was stuck for some reason and my sound effects did not have Mr. RH rushing in to help).  And plus, he doesn't know the First Rule of Laptop-Spilling is to remove the battery.  Amateur.  And he has a fancy desktop computer.

After that, he spent 25 minutes shaking my laptop upside down as tiny winedrops rained out of the keyboard.

I sat it upside down (keyboard down) on my bedroom floor for 2 days and voila... laptop is perfect. 

Now.... I think I definitely need a computer desk to ensure this never happens again... don't you?

So, that was a sidenote.  Much like this blog post.

I seriously love fall and I cannot believe it's October.  One of my favorite months of the year.
What have I been up to?  (Besides smooching on Mr. RH, of course...)

  • Eating Honeycrisp apples like it's my job.  I'm up to 3ish per day.  No, I don't know what is so special about these apples but I know everyone on twitter was freaking out about them... and I'm glad they did.  7th level of deliciousness, people.

  • Painting my nails with fall colors.  Toes are rocking OPI by Sephora Brunette on the Internet and nails are Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic. 
  • Of course, now that I'm rocking fall nails it's 80 degrees outside.  Typical.
  • I ordered my 3rd remote control for my camera.  I have lost at least 1 of them.  The other one... I can't even remember.  I think I'm going to start wearing it on a lanyard around my neck.
  • I am preparing to celebrate a quarter-century on this earth.  In 9 days.  So forgive me if my posting is crap.  I am having a quarter-century crisis.  It's about to get full-blown.
Are you enjoying fall in your neck of the woods??

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Anonymous said...

We love the Fiji apples at our house. I had a mini fingernail polish raid at Walgreens last night. All the fun halloween and fall colors are hard to pass up!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I have had a bad experience spilling liquids in my computer too! I'm glad it didn't ruin yours this time!!!

California Wife said...

Yum, honycrisp apples are the absolute best. I haven't been able to find any out here yet, but once I do I'll be stocking up!
Any big plans or the big 2-5?

Ana said...

I was wearing Commander in Chic this last week. Last night I switched to Essie's Sew Psyched. Love fall nails.

Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear your laptop is all better and dry now! I love the nail polish color! I was actually debating if I wanted to paint my nails a similar color by Essie or a nude pink. Have any plans yet for your birthday?!

etta said...

I need to paint my toenails, but I can't reach them. :( :( :(

Whitney said...

I just got a new laptop and would DIE if I spilled something so I totally feel your pain. Glad all is well with the laptop and Mr. RH!

(And I'm glad you were drinking wine at the time the incident occurred...makes everything better)

Impulsive Addict said...

Wine on the laptop is no bueno. I'm glad it's all better. Ok, I love a good apple but I have never had 3 in one day. I need to check these babies out! Honeycrisp. Got it.

Love your nail polish!

Natalie said...

Honeycrisps are delicious! They are the right amount of sweetness and crispness, in my opinion!

The Waspy Redhead said...

I poured a gigantic cup of coffee on my work laptop several years ago. I wasn't able to salvage it, unfortunately. I thought I was going to be in mega trouble, but they just shrugged and gave me a new one.

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