Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back to My Roots

And I hope you don't think we're talking hair color here.

Remember when I went to Chicago two weeks and never posted about it? Yeah, me either.

And then I went on several shopping sprees and said I was going to post pics of what I bought?

Yeah, about that.

So, back to a good old head-cropped-out shopping post. I'm having major camera troubles over here because my house is dark as night and I may have to ditch the SLR camera for these type posts in the future. It's not working out.

Anyway, shopping therapy.

First of all, I broke at least half of my fashion rules with this dress. Especially the one that doesn't like things with one shoulder.

I kinda like it though. Thoughts?

I'm seeing it with a loong gold necklace. And on vacation.

This next top is from Gap and the bottoms are from F21. I thought I loved the top but it's clearly doing me no favors in this shot. And for some reason the detail isn't coming across as very cute. I like the deep blue color though.

Now these pants though... these pants are a work of art. Behold:

Maternity-type elastic jeans for the non maternity set. I wore these out to a bar in Chicago and it was THE best decision. I felt like I was wearing PJs all night long.

(Please do not talk about how flat my stomach looks in that left pic. You and I both know I was sucking that fat roll up like WHOA.) And how SEXY does my butt look all square like that? Meow!

While at Gap I had to pick up another pair of their sexy boot yoga pants.
Seriously, these pants are amazing. I have a black pair that I have worn to death and will be adding another pair as soon as I see them on sale.

Next up, I got 2 items at LOFT during the extra 50% off clearance. The top ended up costing around $14 and the jeans were $20. The two together seem extra-unflattering though. I think. Something's off.

Also, do you see how pale my skin looks in the shot above? I could be a vampire extra in Twilight.

And just because I know somebody will comment on whyyy my face is cropped out.... it's because I had just jumped out of the shower and looked like a messy hot mess.

Favorite red t-shirt, new fav sweats, and the oldest zip-up sweatshirt in history.

We can't all be classy on our days off. Some of us prefer to be comfy.

14 Classy Comments:

stephanie said...

Love the clothes- I need some new yoga pants desperately I'll have to give the Gap pair a shot! And the blue F21 dress? Loves it!

Becky said...

Please don't hate me for saying this... but the blue dress kiiiiiiinda reminds me of the Statue of Liberty.

I mean, you rock it, of course. But... yeah.

PinkSass said...

I love the blue ruffle maxi dress the most.

Krystal said...

What are those black F21 pants?! I tried lookin them up online. Any thoughts on the style name?

Ashley said...

I love your picks from F21!! ESPECIALLY that top dress -- but your right, it needs to be on a vacation with ya lol

the workaholic momma said...

Those elastic jeans are awesome - i need to invest in a pair of those. After almost a year of maternity clithes wearing - I must say I really enjoyed the elastic waist in everything!

Jackie said...

I loooove Gap yoga pants. I always buy them at the outlet so they aren't ever too expensive. Do you have an outlet in Indiana?

Melissa said...

The one shoulder dress looks cute on you! You look good in blue!

The Branches said...

I LOVE the first dress....all the outfits are cute, but I definitely appreciate the jeans with the band around them....bring them on!!!

d.a.r. said...

Yoga pants are sent straight from heaven. I am pretty sure of it.

Anonymous said...

I adore the blue dress! Where is it from?

Sarahviz said...

I'm not loving the top blue dress. Verrrrrry 70's. Like blue eyeshadow and Farrah Fawcett hair 70's. I think I even hear bad 70's porn music in the background.

Mrs. Jones said...

Where on earth did those fabulous jeans come from? Tell. Now.

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

i would ROCK those maternity-non-maternity jeans.

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