Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stress Shopping.

(Since it's Lent I feel compelled to start with a prayer. Dear Lord, Thank you for Forever 21. Because without it this blog would have gone defunct lo so many years ago. Thanks for everything. xo, Sarah)

A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of stressing and whatnot, I felt the pull towards my forever-frenemy, Forever21.

And I am not one to ignore the call of shopping.

First I had to order a bunch of basics because they were on sale... and good basics are hard to find.

Five long sleeve tees.
Five short sleeve tees.
Wow, this post reeks of excitement.

Next up, this fun little top with weird bat wings. I believe the correct term is "dolman" sleeves. Or some such spelling.

Also pictured are new cheap skinny jeans. I'm obsessed. This is maybe my 4th pair. $9.50. CHEAP!

New necklace that I will probably never wear.

New blue necklace that I will definitely never wear.

New earrings. I will definitely wear the blue pair with all my boring black clothes. It will be cute.

Skinny belts that are way too long to cinch in my waist.

I think I'll start wearing belts like this. Very chic, no?

And last but not least, this cute dress. I wasn't going to keep it, but then I wore it to Dance Marathon last weekend over jeans and with a blazer. Tres chic. (Looks like it's sold out now.. although it is the header picture on this page of Love21. I'm so cool!)

Then I went on an actual in-store shopping spree. So weird.

I bought this black and white dress at Francesca's.
I think the black/white dress trend is kinda over... but I didn't participate when it was really in so I'm joining late. Also, this dress is way too short-looking for my taste. I shall definitely be wearing tights if I ever wear it.

These metallic Nine West flats were purchased to replace an old pair I have been wearing to death...But I'm not so sure I like them. They rub in all the wrong places, of course. But I do like metallic flats.

Unfortunately I'm nowhere near a Nine West store or I'd probably return them. I have since found a pair I like better online. They're even less expensive and have a bit more support to them.

And then I found my most favorite purchase. An uber-comfy pair of flats. The lone pair on clearance at my favorite DSW store.
And of course it looks like this style was a trial by Bandolino for a line of comfort-flats and work-wear shoes (called B-Flexible). It doesn't seem to exist anywhere on the internet... except for this pair of shoes.

Although I won't stop looking until I find more pairs. Preferably a black leather and red patent leather pair, please and thank you.

Also purchased on this trip but not pictured: a thin leopard-print belt and light leopard-print scarf. Clearly, someone's obsessed.

And just so we're clear, this marks a landmark F21 order for me: I spent around $140 on all the F21 stuff pictured above and I don't think I'm returning anything.

Although I believe the jury's still out on the ugly sunglasses.

(Also titled: this is why I crop my face out when I post outfit pictures. Cause I've usually rolled out of bed without washing my face. Although on this day I had sense enough to add earrings.)

Anybody else feeling their spring-fever shopping impulses coming to life? Do share.

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katie@tulsadetails said...

Love those necklaces!!! I really need to go to F21. Love your finds!

Thomasina said...

I love those necklaces and both pairs of flats! I really "need" to go shopping. Sun dresses are calling my name!

stephanie said...

I love all things leopard too. And especially those flats!!

Annie said...

You found some great deals!! I'm going into freak-out mode of not having any clothes too. I do it every March! Ahh!

Aly said...

Love all the new stuff! I think its so funny that you bought those necklaces knowing you won't wear them! You crack me up!

ty said...

I love the black and white dress from Francesca's ... may have to try it on later!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I love all of your finds! You have an eye for cute stuff! Have you read J's everyday fashion blog? She talks about how to belt a cardigan...might help with your belt situation!

etta said...

I need to hide my debit card because I have definitely been ordering TOO MUCH stuff online. I haven't bought new clothes in so long and in the last three weeks I've spent more than I care to admit.

Ashley Borysewich said...

completely sympathize with the stress shopping.

oh my goodness, i love your blog!

following you now :)

Gabriella said...

Love both necklaces. And the black and white dress is adorable! One can never have too many classics!
Have a lovely weekend!

Akirah said...

Those skinny jeans are cute. And that black and white dress is not too short. It'd look hot with some sexy heels.

Raven said...

"bat wings" haha!! Love this post! Forever 21 is a cult following for sure. Even the "millionaires" shop there. Love all your finds!!!

Amy said...

Just stumbled onto your blog and I love it! Your making me want to go shopping!

Ashley said...

Bahaha, you're online shopping finds always crack me up. I love how you just go ahead and admit that you'll never wear certain things :) I'm obsessed with long sleeve tees, I might need to do some online shopping of my own!

the rigdons said...

i am in desperate need of new black flats... if you locate those leopard ones in black, please post ASAP... because this girl will totally buy some!

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