Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Was Gonna Post Yesterday....

... but then it took 4 men approximately 150 hours to install the new lights above my kitchen counter. And their shouting and pulling pulling up their pants every 2 seconds definitely killed my desire to do anything but lounge on the couch with Harry Potter.

But hey... I've got lights above my kitchen counter!

And thanks to I don't have the crappy $20 bargain-basement hideousness that my dad had chosen to install. Praise the LORD for 2 day shipping!

So instead of posting yesterday I spent the whole afternoon looking for a replacement for the other 2 lights in the kitchen.

Ugly 1 and Ugly 2. Suggestions?

Other than a sledge hammer, my dad says.

Geesh, man doesn't know how to take a JOKE.

But honestly... I wasn't joking. Hello, there are EXPOSED NON-FUNCTIONING light bulbs in the middle of my kitchen. Wtf?

But on the upside... all the canned pumpkin in stores means I can't let a day pass without more treats.... meet this morning's pumpkin muffins:
Yeah, I've already made a dent in these puppies.

Oh, and just because this post wasn't random enough.... I shopped all yesterday. Till I dropped... which was like 3.5 hours.

Best purchase of the day?

Was it new shoes?





So while I'm jamming out to my new go-to Christmas album... won't you all start brainstorming for my post tomorrow...

Cause I want you to tell me what you want for Christmas.

Talk amongst yourselves... I'll be back tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!

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Aly said...

Love your new lights! I want a kitchen aide mixer for Christmas- funny as you get older you want things for your house and not for yourself!

MLD said...

I think my mom put the same lights above the island in our kitchen! And for the furthest light in that picture, I am assuming its over the sink? She put in a recessed fixture and it looks really good!

Sarah Ann said...

I love those lights. And I love how things always take longer than we think they're going to.

ty said...

I love the new lights!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love the new lights. My husband's aunt had the Flourescent lighting and she had a trim carpenter come out and install a architectural wood feature and then add new lighting within it...ok poor description. Think wood beams with a light fixture coming from it.

The Wife In Her New Life said...

The new lights are beautiful! I really WANT that cd -- let us know how it is =)
BTW - I ADORE random posts =) it keeps me guessing lol

newteacherwife said...

The new lights look great!! And normally I love Christmas cheese, but my store has already started the daily Christmas music and it's not even Thanksgiving. So I'm having to ration the Christmas music this year so I don't pull my hair out before Dec. 25th. haha

Mindy said...

Love the new lights!

OMG, please share those muffins!!!! They look soo good!

I'm waiting until after Thanksgiving to start the Christmas season!! But hey, everyone else seems to be starting it early this year! :)

designHER Momma said...

really? You bought MC?, it's ok, I forgive you.

Tiff said...

I want lights like that over my bar too. :) yours look great!

Newlywed Hostess said...

The lights look very nice. At least you got something at the end of the inconvenience.

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