Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Mashup

It's Monday and I'm already exhausted... so let's start out with a bulleted list, ok?

  • Remember when I used to be crafty? Yeah, me either. Anyway, my latest project involves wine bottles. And I know all you lushes have those hanging around so stay tuned for the big reveal. I'm excited.
  • I am working Monday through Friday this week. Anybody who works retail knows that a M-F week is as rare as a dinosaur. Since Saturdays are usually the busy days... I almost always work them. So I don't know what I'm going to do with myself come Saturday.
  • Real Housewives of ATL starts tonight.... who's excited? Me. This is the one Housewives franchise I did NOT watch from day one... but I've caught up and I can't wait to see what's happening. Love my trashy TV.
  • I turn 24 in 10 days. Hold me. I'm looking for laugh lines and I think I see them.
    Anybody swear by any anti-aging skin care line?
  • I have a wedding on the 16th - and I think it's at least partially outside. WTF am I supposed to wear? I think I need an indoor and an outdoor outfit... it's 50 degrees outside right now. BRR!
  • I hate moving. Yes, I realized I moved probably 3 months ago but I am still dragging my feet on ordering shades for my living room and dining room windows. I am thinking of ordering woven wooden shades but I'm afraid this house is going to look like a country-bumpkin's house when I'm finished. I'm scared. Damn I hate window coverings. Also, they're CRAZY expensive. I think about $240 per window. HOLD ME.
  • And no, I'm not paying for them. It's my dad's house, he can pay. I'm not crazy.
  • I have more bullets to share but right now Hobby Lobby is calling my name. Need to restock my crafty supplies!
Happy Monday!

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Lacey Jo said...

I love trashy tv...especially all over the Housewives series. Is it wrong that sometimes trashy tv takes priority over grading papers and lesson planning?? haha I'm sure my students thank me the next day.

Charlie said...

ummm i hate to say i too am excited for Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nene is redic and hilarious.

p.s. we are doing a giveway of FABULOUS pillows on our blog...check it out!

A Tale of Two Sisters

Angela said...

I love love love AVEENO Positively Ageless Night Cream!

Mrs. Jones said...

I can't wait to see the crafty fun! :-) I need ideas! So craft and blog away please!

Brittany said...

My birthday is this Sunday! We must be close to birthday twins! I have tons and tons of gray hairs, to the point that I will probably break down and start coloring it soon. SIGH. I told my husband last week that I want to go to the dermatologist, not to get rid of the acne I've been struggling with for the last year, but to start preventing wrinkles. We're doomed. And on that note, Happy Monday! Can't wait to see the craft!

Ana said...

I would recommend ordering window coverings online. The good ones will have a video on how to install them and you get them for at least 50% off retail. They are also super easy to install. If I can remember the site I used, I'll send the link. (And I'm guess your dad is handy enough to install them. ;-) )

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your craft project. I love wine bottles, so I'm looking forward to seeing this. And, yes, window coverings are super expensive. Not looking forward to that in the future.

Ashley said...

24? Pssssshhhhh you're a BABY! And I think I need to watch Real Housewives ATL. I've only seen random episodes, but I need MORE RHW in my life.

Ashley said...

24? Pssssshhhhh you're a BABY! And I think I need to watch Real Housewives ATL. I've only seen random episodes, but I need MORE RHW in my life.

Ashley said...

AHH I LOVE Hobby Lobby!!
Honestly I can't wait to move into a new house and begin the decorating!! Shade ARE probably the LEAST fun thing to do though =/

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I hate moving. I'm going to pay someone to help us move the next time. I don't like picking things up and putting them on the truck.

Kassie said...

I'll be 25 in a couple months, and I'm having far too big of an issue about it. Yikes!!

In other points: M-F in retail? How'd you snag that?? :)

this free bird said...

You're rad and I kinda wanna be bff w/you! I used to work in retail and lemme tell ya girl - a Saturday off is an act of God. Think big! Sleep in!!

Wrinkle creme? If you're working with p/t students get applying ASAP. Olay Regenerist by day, Olay Definity Night Restoratives before bed. I swear by it and I don't have a crow's foot in sight. Not even in the distance.

My friend's an esthetician and she swears by this stuff even if she does work for dermalogica. Apparently Olay patented some formula they all had access to and now even the fancy dancy cremes can't use it. Woop woop!!

Anyway, I will bring this novel to completion.

Until next time!
Carrie :)

Samantha said...

I can never say Amen enough on your hate to move statement. But girl, AMEN. Moving is the worst idea/notion ever to me.

Not watching RHoA, because I'm holding out for RHoBH.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Girl I just turned 28. I'm such an old woman. Enjoy 24. Feels like such a long time ago.. =(

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I swear by Aloette's Platinum line. It's a pharmaceutical grade of skincare, which is a step-up from the department store and designer brands.

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