Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heavy Heart.

First of all, your comments on my post yesterday?? Oh my gosh, they cracked me UP!

I may have exaggerated slightly in my post... you all know that my TV viewing diary is only a tiny drop in the bucket in determining TV ratings, right??

I'm not actually the deciding vote between life and death for your fav TV show... so don't blame me if it fails. I just can't live with all that power.

And for those of you who asked - our house was just randomly selected. No clue how that went down. We got a postcard in the mail asking if we wanted to participate. (Hell yess!)

And I feel better now that that's off my chest. Whew.


Speaking of my chest (minds out of the gutters!), my heart has been heavy the past few days. Baby Brayden, Heather from Live. Love. Laugh.'s son, is very sick again.

He had recovered in the NICU to start talk of being released to go home.... but in the past few days he has become very sick with a second case of meningitis.

I am not a person who feels comfortable asking for prayers being that I am far from a perfectly-faithful person myself... but I know that Heather and baby Brayden could use our good vibes right now.

Thank you.

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Tess said...

It is so tragic to hear that their sweet little baby has taken a few steps backward. I really do believe that he is going to pull through it again.

I have been reading their blog like its my new favorite book. I just hope all of my new favorite characters get a really, really happy ending.

ty said...

I understand what you mean about asking for prayers ... wholeheartedly.

Lauren said...

Praying and thinking of that sweet boy!!!

Ana said...

Being far from perfectly-faithful myself, I know that the Big Man Upstairs doesn't care how you go about your faith, just as long as it's there. Prayers have a way of working their magic. Never be timid to ask for them. Brayden is in mine.

Tiff said...

I say I a prayer for that sweet boy everyday like he is my own! Such a fighter!

Miss E said...

Sending prayers for Baby Brayden and family. So heartbroken to hear about this.

Girls in Pearls said...

Sending prayers!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I'm glad that you're taking your Nielson rating system so seriously. We need good people like you to watch TV and tell us what you think! :)

lovelylittleruffles said...

Sending prayers for baby Brayden!

Champagne Mom said...

Many many prayers!!

Whitney said...

I will be sending lots of good thoughts to your friend :)

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