Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Questions, More Answers

Well well well... who's excited about going back to work today?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Me either.

I'm dying to answer all of your fashion questions but I've got to be honest... getting together outfits and pictures of my favorite fall items when it's 90 degrees outside - not my favorite activity. So I promise to work on them today to hopefully post this week.


So lemmie just dive in with the random questions today, ok?

Blogger brown eyed girl said...What is your guiltiest pleasure?

TV. TV. TV. Twitter. More TV.

I love TV. I have tons of favorite shows. Some I watch regularly and some I watch marathons of... but I love it all.

And because I know somebody's gonna ask... here's my best estimation of shows I love to watch. There's probably more that I'm missing... but oh well.
  • Real Housewives of {Everywhere} - the best ones are the original OC girls, followed by NYC & ATL. The DC girls are awful but that's a whole nother upcoming post. Stay tuned. (Also, I'd like to state that for the record - I watched this show WAAY before my blog and tweeting and I knew it was cool way before anybody else jumped on the bandwagon. FYI.)
  • Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis
  • Project Runway (I love Heidi)
  • Kate Plus 8 (I don't care what anybody says - I think she's pretty awesome.)
  • Grey's Anatomy (I've been loyal since day 1. love it.)
  • Private Practice (can you not watch this show if you watch Grey's? just curious.)
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Mad Men
  • Army Wives (might be the best show on TV, period.)
  • Biggest Loser
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: LA (mmmm LL Cool J mmmmm)
  • Rachel Zoe Project
  • 19 Kids and Counting
There has to be more that I'm forgetting.... but I'm coming up blank.

DeleteRebecca said...If you were on a deserted island and could only bring three things.... what would you bring?!!

Terrible question Rebecca. The answer to this question is really "If I could only bring 3 things anywhere... I'd probably be looking to off myself."

I'm gonna re-frame this question and act like we're asking about my 3 favorite products. Because saying I want to bring my blankie (I don't really have one) and my favoritest picture of my Nanna is boring (also, I don't have a Nanna).

I'd bring: Chapstick, water, and a huuge stack of books. Or a Kindle loaded with a million books. Done.

Ashley L
said... I want to know... what has been your favorite day...EVER?

I don't think I have one. Isn't that sad? Let's not dwell on that.

I have a group of favorite days, and I'd say I have loved and treasured all of my friends' wedding days. They are just so precious to me. Even the boring, awful, hot, uncomfortable weddings. I've loved them all.

I also adored my college graduation day. It was just perfect.

said...What was your favorite present ever for Christmas and why?

I think the best Christmas gift I ever got was an American Girl doll, Kristen. My family doesn't really do extravagant gifts so this was a big one for me. I think I got her when I was 8.

That's a boring answer, right? Sorry Sarah!

Blogger Brittany said...What's your favorite time of the year and why? Does it involve a holiday?

I love holidays, really I do. Unfortunately, I have to say, I think holidays are SO much less fun when you're single. It's just not the same - even if it might be just as much fun.

Christmas and the Fourth of July are my favorite holidays. I dream of having fireworks at my wedding reception cause I love the Fourth so much.
D'Rae said...What piece of advice would you give yourself at 18?
I would say: Six years later, you still don't have a clue. And maybe that's the point - you can't pin life down and put it into neat little boxes - it just doesn't happen.

Also, hug your mom more and listen to her. You have no idea how short of time you have left with her.
Blogger APH said... I'd like to know: what was your favorite book as a child?
My mom used to read us the Boxcar Kids books. I loved those and I also loved the American Girl books. And Sweet Valley High - I read the entire series.

As for children's books - as I reread the question - I loved Dr. Seuss. Who didn't?

said... I want to know, what is your favorite song??

Hero by Mariah Carey. I've loved it forever. I don't even like to listen to it anymore cause I'm so over it... but it's definitely still my favorite.Blogger

Britney said... If you could go on a girls trip with your best friends, where would you go and
what would you do?

Um, what an amazing question!! LOVE this!

My friends and I have been trying to coordinate a trip like this for a long time. And it never happens.

Honestly, you could stick all of us in a hotel room in the middle of Canada and we'd be just fine. All I want is to be with them, does that make sense?

But... I'd also love to have a girls' weekend in NYC. Just being touristy and shopping and seeing the sights would be enough for me. That and unlimited hours of girl talk. I can't get enough!

Most of my friends would rather go to Vegas though. Which is nice and fun... but doesn't seem so exciting to me.
abi said... Any good makeup/skincare tips? And what's your favorite cupcake (sorry I can't send you one though!)
If you like good makeup and skincare tips, check out my posts at Chic Critique.

I have super-sensitive skin so I don't have any particular miracle ideas.... but I'm sure there are a few gems in there.

And my favorite cupcake is tough. Vanilla with vanilla frosting or red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

said... Tell me your least favorite chore.

All of them.

I especially hate laundry these days - it seems to take me a whole day of my weekend to get through it, even though I don't have that much. Which means I'm lazy.
designHER Momma said... I wanna know when you are coming back into Indy so we can have a drink together. Anytime would be grand...
said...Signature cocktail? Best date ever? Favorite scent to wear? To bathe a room in? Most alluring trait in the men you are attracted to? Your best feature?

My signature cocktail is a margarita or a mojito. Not super-sophisticated but always super delicious. Also, I love sugar.

Best date ever? Can't really think of one. Unfortunate, right?

Favorite scent to wear? Something with vanilla or musk.

To bathe a room in? Something fall-ish. Right now I am burning this candle and it is for real heavenly.

Most alluring trait in men I'm attracted to? Kindness and confidence. Although it's been so long since I was genuinely attracted to a man I honestly don't remember.

My best feature? Hmm... physical or personality? For personality I'd say my sense of humor. I'm not all that funny but people are always cracking up around me. Which I guess makes me funny? Not sure.

Physical... I dunno. I once would have said the clear-ness of the skin on my face but I've had a rash ON MY EYELID for over 2 months. $100 to the dermatologist and it's not gone away even a little bit. I'm seriously pissed at the dermatologist.

This question also reminded me of a Thank-You I just received from a good friend's Bachelorette party that was a few weeks ago. I missed it cause I was at my little family reunion...
Can you read what it says? It says "we needed the best rack on campus to make the night complete." So also, I have a nice rack.

said... My question for you is: what was the worst date that you've ever been on?

I once drove my ex to evening church, and we decided to stop and grab fast food on the way home. Nearly to his house, he told me to pull over and he barfed.

I'd say any date involving barf is the worst - right? Even if the "date" is just church.

Classy, huh?


I hate to end on a question asking about barf... but this post is way too long as it is.

Three points to anybody who gets to the end of this post!

Happy Tuesday!

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PinkSass said...

True Story - I totally barfed on the side of the road multiply times on a blind date. Needless to say I never heard from him again.

The Shabby Princess said...

Soo, I'm obsessed with Army Wives and I got a Kirsten doll for Christmas one year too--it was the best gift!!

Eh, it's "Monday". Thanks for this fun post!!

Lo said...

So I love your list of TV shows. Question on the response to a question - you don't watch RHWONJ? and I can't get into the Atlanta girls...what makes them interesting to you?

I think I might have an addiction to TV problem.

undomestic chica said...

I think I still have all my Boxcar kids books! and barfing on a date is never good.

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