Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Q&A

So apparently I am some kind of fashionista. Either that or people didn't know what to ask so they asked about clothes... which is something I would do so I understand.
Plus I talk about shopping a lot so perhaps I've brought this burden onto myself.

Today I'm answering fashion questions as best I can. Feel free to chime in with more questions or suggestions. I love hearing about your fashion tips too!

Steph said...Where is your absolute favorite place to shop????

I can't narrow it to just one place. I like LOFT, H&M, TJ Maxx, Express (for jeans especially), The Limited, Gap (sometimes), and Forever 21.

Anonymous kim said...What are your favorite stores?
See above.

said...What is your favorite outfit you own? Let's see a picture!

Honestly, this one is hard. Despite how much I tweet about shopping and buying and shopping... I end up returning a lot of what I purchase - either because it doesn't seem to fit once I get it home (why does this happen?!) or because I just realize I'll never wear it. And I HATE when things just sit in my closet.

If I had to pick a favorite right now, I'd pick this:
Thin Black Turtleneck: Express
Jacket: Forever 21 (obsessed with this coat. wear it all.the.time.)
Jeans: Express Barely Boot in the Mid Rise
Shoes: TJ Maxx. Can't remember the brand.
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said... Here's my question for you ... what is your fall "go to" outfit. I'm looking to spruce up my wardrobe with some different pieces, and I'd love to know what your fall staples are!
If you add a scarf to this outfit - this is my fall uniform. I'm wearing a turtleneck from a previous outfit cause I was too lazy to change (it was HOT!) but you can wear anything under this blazer. It is from LOFT about 7 years ago and it was actually my moms... but I LOVE that jacket. Very lightweight tweed.

The color is a blue/gray color - it matches EVERYTHING.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said... I want to know what outfit makes you feel the most classy and fabulous. What do you put on in the morning and think, yup, this is it!
This is sad. Honestly... I don't have one right now. I really need to update my wardrobe with some "on trend" pieces.

I need a bomber-type jacket (leather or not leather), a long, skinny knit vest of some type, a pair of good boots, etc. All of my clothes are a few years old and I'm feeling very blah about them.

Other than that... I just love dresses. I always feel pulled together in a dress.
Blogger Heather said...Love your blog and especially the shopping updates! I would like to know your favorite online shopping sites and tips.
First of all, use Ebates. Cash back for purchases you were going to make anyways. Yes please.

Ebates has a daily double on a different store each day. Sometimes I literally wait until a store goes double cash-back before I purchase.

Also, I sign up for the emails from my favorite stores. I have the emails go to a separate "shopping" email address because I can't read them all everyday... but when I'm in the mood to purchase - I check them and look for coupons and deals.

And then, when I'm making a purchase but haven't received any emails... I google "coupons for XYZ store" and search and search and search for coupon codes. It can be time consuming trying to find them but saving a bit of cash is totally worth it for me. Especially if I can end up buying more.

Also, I tweet any really good deals I find online. Cause I like to share the wealth. And I encourage you to do the same. Just share it with me, ok? @ClassyFabSarah.

Thomasina said...You are always very fashion savvy, so I want to know if you read any fashion magazines, and if so which ones?
I was shopping yesterday and my friend and I talked about this. It's true, I was once a very young fashionista. In high school I loved being the best-dressed in class. Even if I didn't get voted best dressed in the yearbook or whatever. I knew it was true.

But now? I live in sweats and comfy dresses. So even if I appear to come off pretty polished... I promise things ain't always what they seem!

But, I used to read magazines. LOTS of them! My favorites have always been Glamour and InStyle. I have read Cosmo and Marie Claire on and off... but Glamour is my favorite by far.

And I subscribe - it is SO SO much cheaper than buying them any other way!

But - I realized something. Since I've started blogging - I've stopped reading magazines.

I took that pic in my closet 2 minutes ago. It's at least a year's worth of unread magazines.

I'm putting it on my to-do list: read magazines.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I just let my last 2 subscriptions expire. Oops.

But to answer your question: Glamour and InStyle. Both have great fashion inspiration, great reads, and excellent shopping tips.Delete
DeleteJen L. said... What is your favorite item of clothing and why?
Probably the leopard coat.

First off, it always turns heads. And I usually wear it with giant sunglasses which makes me look like a pseudo-celebrity. In Podunk, Indiana.

I kid, I kid.

Plus, the length means it camouflages my saddlebags and actually makes me look smaller than I am. BONUS!

Plus it was like $32 from F21. Steal!

Blogger Brittney said... If you chose 5 of your staple clothing pieces, what would they be?
Gosh, hit me with the hard questions, won't you?!
Ok, MY Five Staples:
  • Leopard Coat
  • Dark, Neutral Jeans (see pics above)
  • Little Black Dresses (this or this or this)
  • Solid Long-Sleeved Shirts. And NOT ones that stretch out a lot!! (I'm looking at you, GAP!) I have good ones from Express and H&M.
  • I dunno on this last one?? I'm drawing a blank? Oh, let's say scarves. Right now I have tons of solid pashmina-type scarves - but I've noticed that those really aren't in style anymore. This year it's all about patterned scarves. I need a leopard one asap!
But those staples apply to me pretty strictly. What do I think basic staples are?

  • Coats - one lightweight/trench style coat and one heavier. NO black. Red, blue, tan... gimmie color - but in a classic cut.
  • Solid Long-Sleeved Shirts - you can turn summer clothes into winter clothes by layering. Genius.
  • Jeans. So hard to find a good pair - but so worth it.
  • Dresses - a couple of classic dresses that stand the test of time. They need SOME extra flair to make them special. Jewelry counts as flair.
Ok, so my list is exactly like the list I would make for other people. Sue me.

How do I incorporate trends? Just add a "trendy" piece to any of your other clothes. Like adding a long knit vest to old solid t-shirts. Easy.

And if you don't like a trend... just don't go there.

Although I encourage everyone to try skinny jeans. It totally changes up proportions but it does make my legs feel verry lean.
Katie Kermeen Swisher said...I know you love beauty products, so what's the ONE thing you couldn't live without? Mascara? A great hairbrush? Lip gloss? Inquiring minds want to know!
Chapstick, the blue kind. Boring but true.

I don't wear lip gloss and I'm not married to mascara.

I never leave the house without concealer - so I'll say Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer
Blogger Champagne Mom said... What are the staples in your life? Clothing items that you couldn't live without that you wear to make you feel better. Chapstick maybe that you have used since jr. high. Your go to car scent airfreshener. What can't you live without that won't ever change?
My staple is Chapstick. I literally can't go 2 hours without it. And if I know I don't have any I nervously lick my lips. It's a sickness.

The leopard coat is my confidence booster.

I use Coconut Vanilla in my car. I have a good friend that ALWAYS points out how my car smells when she gets in. She's so sweet - she always says - "Wow it just smells like YOU in here."

And Chapstick is forever. With all of my face problems.... I live and die by Chapstick. The end.

This post brought to you by Chapstick.

Kidding. But wouldn't it be cool if they sent me a lifetime supply?

Or even 1 tube?

Happy Thursday!

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Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

I, too, have a Chapstick OBSESSION!!!
And thanks for the wardrobe staple... I live by turtlenecks in the fall, and am definitely looking for a new blazer!

Sarah said...

I have a question.... Is good quality crystal costume jewellery a good substitute for the real thing? Also, why are women being fooled into buying overpriced vintage jewellery that isn't actually vintage? Surely jewellery branded as 'vintage style jewellery' at a far more affordable price is just as acceptable isn't it??

Well, a few questions I guess, but it would be good to hear your expert thoughts.

Megan said...

I think you always look so cute!! And we like to shop at all the same places!

etta said...

I never look good when I'm lounging around the house. As I type this, I'm just a hot mess with a glass of wine. I dressed nice-ish on Tuesday and it took a lot of effort... and when I left the house I realized that the lighting in my bathroom leaves a lot to be desired.

Whitney said...

Wow. I'm on info overload, in a good way.

First, love the leopard coat. Plus, leopard is apparently essential for the fall, so look at you - a step ahead of the game.

Second - you are such a good blogger, posting so many reader questions. Kudos to you.

Third - I can already tell Ebates is going to change my life.

Finally - if you are interested and have a free moment (ha!) check out my latest entry about my first foray at NY Fashion Week! It was so much fun and a fashionista like yourself would enjoy it.

Thanks for a great post!


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