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Q&A: Blogging About Blogging

And without much further ado... because this is going to be long enough as it is... here are some questions and answers. Today I'm talking about blogs and blogging. More to come, for sure!

Blogger Whitney said... As a new blogger, I'd love to know how you've established such a strong presence in the blog world - any tricks of the trade for a new bloggerista?
Well, first of all, I'm flattered that you think so highly of me. Seriously, you have no idea how much this made me smile!

So... blogging. I started way back in March of 2008. On my first 24 posts, I did not receive one single comment... and then I got 2 comments on one post. And then I didn't receive any comments on my next ten posts.

My point is - one does not gain readers overnight. Or even over months. It just takes time. Participating in blog carnivals, tweeting your blog posts, and linking up to other bloggers are great ways to "grow" your blog... although I have to say I'm not great about doing any of the above!

For me, the biggest way I grew readers was to comment on other blogs. To leave comments with links to my blog if (and this is a BIG IF!) it related to a post someone else had written.

Mostly, build relationships. Reply to people who comment on your blog (I used to be good at this. Now I'm bad at this.). Tweet!! (And you are following me on twitter, right?)

Self-promotion! BAM!
DeleteBlogger sstahlberg said...I was just wondering if the contest is open to Canadian residents, because we love you over here too! I have been reading your blog for quite some time now! I love your writing style and I have you at the top of my browser in my bookmarks!

Unfortunately it looks like I'm too late to answer this question. However, isn't it true that Canada doesn't have Target??

Yeah, that was the sound of my heart beat stopping. Can't. imagine.

DeleteLo said...My question is - how do you keep everything going? I've hit a road block on posting and just want to know how you keep your posting fresh and fun?

How do I keep everything going? Good question. There are SO many days when I feel like I am doing so many things and none of them well. I don't even have that much on my plate and it's still hard to get everything done.
For me personally... I get up in the morning and blog first. Before I shower, after I eat, but before I start my day. Which is why working out is so hard for me... it seems to take a backseat to blogging. Bad!

As far as keeping things fresh and fun? Gosh, this is hard.

First off, it's not always pretty. Feel free to peek through my archives... I've had some BAD posts. Thrown together mish-mashes that completely stink. The one thing that has made me a better blogger is to simply become a better observer. Silly things that I think are so mortifying and weird that nobody will understand... those are usually the best post topics because we are never, ever the ONLY one who does or thinks something.
eggplant28 said... My question would what made you decide to start a blog?
In March of '08 I made a pretty big decision to do something that was very hurtful to a couple of my dearest college friends. No, I didn't cheat with someone's boyfriend or anything like that - but I ran against them for head of an organization that they founded and that I had been involved with from the very beginning.

Needless to say, they were rightfully furious with me. I had been reading blogs for months or even years at this point. And I was really lonely. I felt very alone and my mom had been dead for a few months. I seriously felt like I was the only person in the world. So I started a blog. Learned how to pour my feelings into it. And the rest is history.


Blogger Kelly said... I was wondering how much time you spend on your blogging?

A lot. I bet if it was averaged out I spend about an hour a day on blogging-related activities. From taking pictures to answering e-mail to twittering... it's a huge time-suck. And the more time I spend the better responses I seem to get... so it's easy to get carried away!

KellyV said... What are your top 3 favorite blogs?? I'm always looking for new ones.

This is tough! There are blogs I read because I admire someone's writing or photography skills... and then there are blogs I read because I feel like this person is my friend - so that it really doesn't matter what they post because I feel like we're just hanging out chatting.

This is absolutely my short-list of favorite blogs. And no joke this question is stressing me the heck out. Don't feel snubbed if I didn't include you. I promise I'm going to have a big fun post about ALL my favorites in the next couple of months or so.

Moosh in Indy (amazing mother, photographer, writer)
DesignHerMomma (pretty much the coolest mom ever)
In this Wonderful Life (one of the sweetest souls on the internet)
Pink Sass (we love the same books and blonde hair. basically we're internet soulmates.)
Tales of the Trees (she's going to be a mom and I'm so freaking happy for her.)
In No Simple Language (very classy and also enjoys excellent books)
Live. Love. Laugh. (she just delivered her baby boy very early. send prayers!!)
Sweet Simplicity (best blog designer ever! and completely adorable!)

Sorry Kelly... seems like Top 8 is the new Top 3. And I have to stop now cause I'm going to remember all the AWESOME blogs I skipped and I just can't handle it. There are SO many amazing blogs out there. Seriously.
Blogger cessc said...What happened to all the blogs you follow on the left side of your page?

They'll be back soon! I realized I had some seriously outdated links and I really need to update my blogroll.. so it's coming. Soonish.
Blogger sarg said... So I wanted to know why you started your blog and how you got so many followers. Is your day job being a writer?

I answered the first part above... I started my blog cause I was lonely.
I am seriously flattered that you think my day job is a writer.... cause I use way too many "..."s to be a writer, I think.

Or else too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although.... really.... who thinks over-punctuation is a bad thing?!?!?

NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!
Have I bored and overwhelmed you enough for one day?! Great!!
See you tomorrow!

16 Classy Comments:

Marie-Christine said...

Yes, it's sad, but true: there is no Targets in Canada!!! :(
It looks like a wonderful place, I would love to go there one day!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Thanks so much for listing me! *blush*
I'm ready for your 2011 visit! haha.

moosh in indy. said...

Also, add to the list that you've blogged about blogging...that's like major blogging milestone #6. Have you had a troll? That's #3. ;)

Adore you.

Move closer.

PinkSass said...

We are so internet soulmates. xoxo

Trish said...

What a wonderful post sweet Sarah! Isn't it amazing the wonderful friendships we can make through the blog/twitter world? :) Loving all your tips, you said it all so well girly! Have a great day!! xoxox - Trishy

mrsashcake said...

blogging is wonderful and you did a fabulous job of putting it into words :)

Jen said...

Awesome post. Thanks so much for the tips.

Whitney said...

oh my GOSH! I can't believe you posted my question first - I'm so honored! :) Also, your answer is just terrific and inspires me to want to connect with more bloggers. It's sort of like the Golden Rule of Blogging - comment unto others as you would have them commento unto you. :)

I can't wait to reblog about this on my site.



Whitney said...

oh my GOSH! I can't believe you posted my question first - I'm so honored! :) Also, your answer is just terrific and inspires me to want to connect with more bloggers. It's sort of like the Golden Rule of Blogging - comment unto others as you would have them commento unto you. :)

I can't wait to reblog about this on my site.



KellyV said...

top 8 is even better! thanks for sharing :)

Lo said...

Thanks so much for answering my question. I love your blog. It is super fun and entertaining. I always look forward to your posts!

I also talked to Lindsey about re-vamping my blog...I can't wait! She has great designs.

Kinsey Michaels said...

Cute post, q&as are always so much fun to read. You've been blogging for a really long time!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love over punctuation. I think it's easier to read. :)

Whitney said...

I just posted about this entry on my blog and gave lots of love to you and this post! Thank you again for featuring my question :)

Blog love

Lisa said...

It's really great to be able to hear why you started blogging and see you be so open and honest. It's refreshing : )

ypastorswives said...

THanks for the advice. I found you through your comment on my friend Brittney's Running in High Heels blog. Proof commenting does work! I just started a blog with my friend and its been an exciting journey :) Check us out. www.ypastorswives.blogspot.com

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