Friday, August 20, 2010

Cautionary Tale

Dear Friends,

Just so we're clear: a FROZEN Long Island Iced Tea is still a Long Island.... and it will still result in having a quite loud conversation in a family restaurant with your co-workers about "sexy time."

And you will loudly exclaim that you are SO excited to go to work tomorrow because we all know it will be hilarious.

Actually, that part was true.

And just FYI, for some reason that one drink did not deter me from getting up and doing the Shred this morning.

Which means I should have one every night, right?

(Kidding. Those things are nasty, regardless of whether they are the half price drink special.)

Happy Friday!

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designHER Momma said...

They are nasty. I haven't had one since college, where they were always 1/2 off. :)

Stephanie said...

You should have done margaritas!!!!!

Michaela said...

Have a great weekend!!

Jen said...

After learning that a long island @ Houlihan's was 2200 calories, I had to call them quits...but they are on so tastey!

etta said...


10 points for using the phrase 'sexy time' :P

Mommyhood Mayhem said...


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Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

this reminds me of my favorite gilmore girls quote:

Honey, someday when you're a little older you will be introduced to something that is extremely seductive but fickle. A fair-weather friend who seems benign but packs a wallop like a donkey kick, and that is the Long Island iced tea. The Long Island iced tea makes you do things that you normally wouldn't do, like lifting your skirt in public or calling someone you normally wouldn't call at really weird times." - Lorelai

MrsDixon said...

LOL! I love the drunken SEXY TIME talks!

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