Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Impatient? Who? Me?

Last night, just as LOST was finishing up, I went to get online. And the internet wouldn't load.

So of course I blamed my computer and then stomped off to bed.

I wake up at 6 am this morning (on my day off... umm, hello? Body? It's ok to sleep in.) and the internet still doesn't work.

Call Comcast.

There's an "outage."

So I sit on the kitchen floor in the warm sunlight and wait. And wait. And wait.

(Oh, hi Sarah in no makeup and hood rat hair.)

(And fuzzy pink bathrobe. Although miraculously dressed, which is a shocker.)

And now it's 11 am and I do NOT have time to write the awesome post I was going to write today. (I use the word "awesome" loosely.)

Why are the best-laid plans always pushed off track by the inability to twitter about one's breakfast? And the inability to twitter about the lack of internet?

I tell you my friends.. it's a rough life.

(Judging by the overgrowth of eyebrow hairs in that pic.)

How's your Wednesday going?

Want to complain about the injustices in life?

I'm all ears. (And nose and eyebrow hairs.)

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Rachel said...

You and me both have lovely whining complaining post today. Though mine is more anger based. Hope your day gets better!

ManoloChooLou said...

Darn that Comcast and its outages.

I left you an award/tag on my blog. You might have already received it, so take it or leave it :)

Andhari said...

I understand you. No internet will not only make me grumpy but can turn me into a very bitchy person.

Meg said...

When my Internet goes down, I usually throw a world-class hissy fit and spend hours (really, sometimes hours) just hitting refresh on all the windows I have open... somehow believing that it will miraculous correct itself. And then I can get back to writing ridiculous crap on Twitter and tending to book reviews.

Hope things improve quite soon! Right now, I'm mad at myself for eating a peanut butter bunny. The whole, gigantic chocolate Easter bunny. Not sure why my self-restraint is so low in the afternoons!

ms. mindless said...

haha! i love the hood rat hair! you are adorable/hilarous.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo!

Nessa said...

ahh sucky internet...mine is up but i wish it was down so i had a good excuse not to do this butt load of work...arg.

sHp said...

Girl, you crack me up! Love the pic...because you know what? We're real girls...who have overgrowth in the eyebrow area (actually, I don't see yours) and sometimes we like to lounge around.... I love that about you! You are gorgeous in and out! Hope you're having a good evening!

Haley said...

I absolutely hate when my wifi goes out. Especially when I'm in the middle of a serious blog post! Haha

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