Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Interrupted by Stench

So I was going to explain about why I didn't post yesterday and blather on about a variety of random topics... but then I went to Target.

And I was gathering photographic evidence when some b*tch pulled into the space next to me and ruined my shot.

So there was this truck out in front of my Target. Said something about Liquid Waste Removal.

Which to me, said "Poop Guy."

But alas, he was not.

He was sucking (with a vaccuum-like device) the grease out of some trap in the kitchen.

O. My. Good. Goodness.

The stench. Oh how it reeked.

And the checkout lady put it best.... "Smells like diapers in here."


Are you all having a good week? (Also, am I the only one with a super sensitive nose? Blech!)

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Anonymous said...

I too have a very sensitive nose! the bad part is I work in an office full of men. Yikes for me! I also have an issue with the local WalMart. On the rare occasion that I do go to a WalMart for some special sale, or I am in the area, there is a very distinct odor as soon as you walk in. I have no idea what it is. Kinda like burnt hair mixed with BO and the worst part. There is a certain aisle in the food section where the smell is at it's worst. Let's just say I RARELY go into WalMart. My MIL lives 3 hours away and she said that it smells horrible in hers too. Weird!!!

Kelly Marie said...

Ick..Ugh what a horrible thing to smell :(

Jesslee said...

ewwww! it's like when your driving through some town you've never been through and it smells horrible, i always wonder how people can stand to live there...

i'm having my first ever give*away if you're interested!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Oh my gosh, icky!! I have a super sensitive nose, too : )

etta said...

We had plumbers at work last week. They were sucking wipes/paper towels out of the pipes that someone had thrown in there. Our station smelled horrible that afternoon and we now have signs everywhere that say not to throw them in the toilet.

They also LOVE to wax the floors at work. They're always waxing something at night. When I was there for my clinical rotation, they were waxing residents' rooms. Nurses definitely passed out a lot of tylenol that day for all of the headaches.

kLl said...

I know the smell you're talking about. I worked in a restaurant where the was a leak/backup in the grease trap. Grossest thing ever!

jassy_onya'e said...

Oh that is disgusting, and I also have a sensitive nose. When dealing with photography we work with all kinds of chemicals and the one that makes me BARF the most is the "sepia toning' in other words SULFAR, which smells like a rotten egg lol

Allison said...

Yeah, my kids have B.O. and they pass gas a lot. gross!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh that just sounds awful!!! I can't believe you had to smell that. Blech.

Katelyn said...

you seriously crack me up! i hate it when people get in the way of 'photographic evidence'...haha

Silvia said...

Eww... thats horrible. Target and stench does not equal success in my book.

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