Monday, March 22, 2010


Dear Sweet Taylor pointed out (from my last post) that the correct phrase I was looking for is "Slow Your Roll." Not Slow Your Row.

Although Google says either one means basically the same thing.

But I think "Slow Your Row" is mostly for people who can't spell Roll.

Maybe it's just cause I was at work until 1 in the morning (true story. omg shoot me.)... but I can't stop laughing about this.

No, YOU slow your row. Or roll. Whatever.

(Hi Sarah. Sleep deprived much?)

Happy Monday!!

(Oh wait, there's more.

(Dude, scones. Have you been eating them? Am I the only one out of the loop here?

I went to Panera yesterday and was wild and decided to get an Orange Scone.

Holy mother-loving carbs. Where have you been all my life, scones?

Seriously, where?

I know where you're at now. Attached directly to my thighs, just where I like you.)

(This aside brought to you by my wallet and my stomach.)

(Carry on.)

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Sara said...

You are too funny! I was just talking about scones with the baristas at Starbucks. I've never tried one and they were all appalled. Apparently I really AM missing out on something here!

kBw said...

Ha ha ha. You crack me up! I hope you have a great Monday! xoxo, KA

alanna said...

bahaha i definitely thought to myself, have i been saying it wrong the whole time? as a slow your roll sayer i was confused!! but congrats on the scones will regret as they are delish!!

alanna said...

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up girl! Have a good week! :)

beckylbranch said...

ha..ha..that is too funny! We get your drift homegirl...:P
I love Panera's pumpkin muffies, my carb of choice! YUMM!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

I recently discovered Panera's Asiago Cheese bagels. OMG. Definitely not something I can have too often, especially not with cream cheese. According to the nutritional info on their website, the bagel w/ a serving of hazelnut cream cheese is 18 weight watchers points.

Andhari said...

This makes me hungry. I'm a huge, huge fan of carbs :D

The Shannon River said...

Let's put it this way:

"Slow your row" is for any coastal regions and "slow your roll" is for the landlocked masses. How about that?

Taylor said...

Can I just say that, being a 'new blogger' hopping on over to your page and seeing you 'quote' me made. my. day. I seriously read and re-read it twice. Ok, three times. I'll even tell my husband and he will dismiss my excitement because he thinks I blog about tying my shoes and blow drying my hair.

Scones, never tried them but if its related to the donut family, I dont need to fall in love with them. They will take permanent residence on my ass. :)

Jen said...

Orange Scones are life changing from Panera- so much I ate one the morning of my wedding, at an iced latte from Starbucks and then played DDR - Ciera 1,2 Step.

Best Scone Memory EVER!!

The Shabby Princess said...

I can't be trusted around scones. They are so good. Also, mini scones at SuperTarget=I gain 10 pounds but am soooo happy.

Unknown said...

You are many things can you put in ( )? Cinnamon Scones are A-Freakin'-MAZING!!

Mindy said...

I actually haven't heard of either phrase so you're ahead of me ;)

I haven't had a scone either, but it sounds like I should stay away :) lol

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