Thursday, February 18, 2010

Return Queen. Purchase Queen.

As much as I love shopping, I seem to have developed quite the habit. Returns.

Case in point: yesterday I had a $150 worth of adorable LOFT stuff. And none of it seemed to fit, except the Lei Trim Tee. Which I love love.

And then I wanted another Lei Tee so I went to 3 Ann Taylor Loft stores yesterday and they were all sold out. But they had petite shirts, which is so typical. Petites get all the cute clothes.

So what I'm trying to say is: you'd think, for as much as I like to shop, I'd do a lot less returning.

I wish that some of these orders were less of a letdown when they came in the mail.

Or I wish I lived closer to better shopping. Cause I'm sure that would be a good idea.


Ok, I started rambling but here's what's really banging around in my head.

I am ready to blow my first big girl paycheck. Which hasn't even arrived yet.

One of my big goals for the year was to buy a DSLR... a big-girl camera.

Unfortunately, I now need a new laptop.

And remember my class ring? Still missing. At this point, it's officially gone.

And even though I know that you can never replace something so sentimental... I have to. I feel naked every single day without it.

So. New Laptop. New Ring. New Camera.

Approximate retail value? $2000-ish.

What to do, what to do.

Which would you get first?

I'm thinking laptop because typing out posts on this old dino of a desktop is killing me!!

But... I want.

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Trina said...

I want I want too!

We are expecting our tax return any day now and it's already spent lol. I just made my first big gemstone purchase. I got a Zultanite ring and I'm hoping I don't get buyers remorse when it arrives because I CAN'T return it. :S

KatieSPerk said...

I want a DSLR Camera too.. Oooh choices choices. Sorry about your ring!I was hoping you found it! Check your purses! I just found an earring that I had lost about 2 years ago in one of my clutches!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I agree, get the laptop first! And get a mac....really easy to use, you will be fine!

Mrs. Smith said...

computer first. then i'd go for the camera. that's the next big purchase on our list too. :)

Brittany said...

Sorry you still haven't found you ring! :-(

I would get the computer, then ring, then camera. I need a new computer very soon too.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on the ring just yet! I lost my wedding rings for about 5 months. I was so heart broken the day my Husband went out and bought me a new set I found them! It was crazy but soooo happy.

I'd go for the lap top, although I do love my Canon DSLR, so...

Shayla said...

Well that stinks that you lost yout ring :*( !!!

I would probably go for the laptop first, but if you already have a desktop then maybe the camera is a better choice...hmm thats a tough one!

ManoloChooLou said...

Definitely buy your computer first.

I'm the same way with shopping. I feel like I'm constantly returning things, which leads me to believe I'm all about the thrill of the purchasing experience and not actually in need of anything new.

Mrs. Jones said...

Definitely computer. Then camera, because you can put your pictures on your new computer and not lose them. Then ring. :-) Good luck!

Everything and Anything said...

Get the computer, then the camera and at last the ring. You will need the computer to do your shopping!!!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Am just catching up - CONGRATS on the new job!!!

The Coastal Chicster said...

definitely the laptop first! have you looked at the Dell outlet website? they often sell open box or refurbished laptops for less than brand new. my boyfriend and i have bought all of our computers this way (we currently have five between the two of us). check it out! and if you follow dell outlet on twitter, i think they post alot of discount codes. good luck!! :)

Thomasina said...

Go for the laptop!

Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking said...

I have that DSLR Canon Rebel T1i and I gotta say... WELL worth the money! I absolutely love it. But decide what you NEED the most :)

Lynn said...

Girl, I am a serial returner!! I think that's what happens when you order things online. It sucks when the items are disappointing. I order so much stuff from Forever 21, usually once every couple weeks because I hate going through everything in their store.
And as for a new laptop, you should get a mac! They rarely have problems like PC's do. Yes, they're more expensive but way worth it in the long run.
Let us know what you end up getting!

Cole said...

That stinks that your ring is still missing!!

I think the laptop is a great first purchase. You know that you'll use it ALL the time. :-)

Anonymous said...

I say laptop first. The ring might turn up later and you won't have to replace it. If you already have a reliable digicam, the new camera can wait a bit. Also they're always putting out new models.

I'm a big returner too! I blame it on inconsistent sizing and online shopping. Stores like F21 really bum me out because once the money's out of your pocket you'll never get it back in the form of cash, only store credit.

Ashley said...

I am the queen of returns too..i have a pile of stuff in my room right now that need to be returned. Yeah i would say the laptop shoud come first!

Mrs. McB said...

I understand wanting, but I would go with the laptop first.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I'm a return queen too. I think I get it from my mom; she's a big fan of the whole "oh just buy it and we can always return it later!"

Oughta Say No said...

You still haven't found it?! That sucks.

I was sitting at my dad's desk yesterday and realized that a turquoise ring of mine that has been missing for a year was sitting at the base of his pen stand. Unbelievable.

I hope yours pops up in the strangest of places soon and makes your day!

alyssa said...

you are cute! def. go with the laptop! it is your lifeline!!

etta said...

I looooove my DSLR! So amazing! I wish that spring would hurry up and get here so that I could take pictures of pretty things. Right now I just have a million pictures of my dogs.

Hooray for big checks! I had a bunch of overtime on my paycheck that I got on my birthday, so I went out and bought myself a new purse. Hooray!

jassy_onya'e said...

well coming from a art majors point of view, here is what I did, laptop first, camera second......then the rest will surely come =]

Tillie said...

Laptop then camera. I love my DSLR camera I got at fun. But you need a laptop to play with the photos!!

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