Monday, February 8, 2010

Just a Tip

If you are going to bed but think your hair straightener is going to fall off your vanity... be careful.

Because it could have been "On" for six hours and totally burn your fingers off. Seriously.


Aand it's Monday. The last week of my unemployment.

The last week of sleeping in. (Which is why I was up before 6:30 am, right?

The last week of crafts and projects and cleaning out my closet. (I will finish cleaning out my closet, right? It's killing me...)

Unfortunately we're getting another snowstorm tonight and I had really wanted to do some major shopping in anticipation of not-shopping once I start working and commuting all the time.

But the snow is putting a delay in my plans. Boo hoo.


On an unrelated note: long-torso ladies, where do you buy tops? It's seriously a life-long struggle but I'm hating the selection at Old Navy / Gap / Banana Republic.

And did I mention that for this job my wardrobe will consist of black and white tops only?

Yes, I will probably want to die out of wardrobe boredom.

So please spill if you have any ideas.

Happy Monday everyone!! Stay warm!

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Sherrie said...

Enjoy your last week off. I am praying for a snow day tomorrow so I have the day off school. ;)

Anonymous said...

What type of job!? So exciting! Congrats!

Perpetual Prep said...

I'm so excited for you with your new job - YAHOO! :)

Kelly said...

I am very long torsoed as well, and have the same issue as you. I tend to shop a lot at J Crew and Ralph Lauren, and I layer almost everything. Seriously, today Im wearing a black turtleneck from H&M (Try there too, they make longer work tops) with a black tank underneath it so it looks longer. Key is to match the blacks. That or Ill wear a cami or loose tank or something with a cardigan over it. I wear a lot of cardigans.

Gap has some long shirts every once in awhile.

Ive been a lurker for awhile now, figured it'd be a good time to pop in and help!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Kelly, that was SO helpful!

I bought tons from H&M in high school but haven't been there lately. Definitely putting it on my list!

And I agree - matching blacks is SO ANNOYING!

Kelly said...

Glad to help! I go to the J Crew and Ralph outlets a lot. The JCrew outlet has a ton of stuff the store didnt seem to have, so I find some awesome stuff there.

But yeah, H&M is hit or miss. They expanded, like I said, and have a business section now, but I mostly get layers there. Good luck =o)

Elizabeth said...

I love J. Crew and Ralph Lauren because both brands make shirts that fit long torsos very well. J. Crew is currently having a sale (I went in-store, but I assume it is online also) and they have a lot of great layering tanks and sweaters. Also, if you have a Polo outlet near you, definitely try there, because they usually always have some awesome deals!
Oh, and I almost forgot Banana Republic! They have some great finds also! Again, if you have an outlet near you try that first!

Karen said...

White House Black Market rocks! I love their stuff.

CIP said...

UGH. We are getting more snow too. FML.

Unknown said...

Sorry about the weather dampening your shopping...that's TERRIBLE!!!

......Happy Monday......

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow and wednesday too! we just got over 21 inches and still can't go anywhere=) I wanted to go shopping too, we're just going to be forced to do a little online shopping... or browsing ;)! congrats on your new job! that's exciting!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

I have a long torso, so I layer. I'll wear a longer tank top/tee from ON under a cute top from somewhere else. I don't need someone to mistaken me for a plumber when i sit down!

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