Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Tis the Season....

.... to be pissed off at relatives.

I mean, it is, right?

When we moved in August, my dad took one look at our attic and told me: throw everything away.

The stuff that filled our attic? Was mostly tons of shipping boxes and lots of clothing boxes from Christmases and birthdays gone by.

I argued with him: we're going to NEED those boxes. Christmas isn't that far away, and what are we going to do then?

But he was a stubborn ass insistent so I dropped it and recycled all the boxes.

So I get up at 6 this morning and realize the gifts are beginning to pile up. So I gather the wrapping supplies (that in itself was quite the task..)... and then I realize.

We have zero boxes to put clothes in and zero boxes to ship these gifts to the 4 corners of the US.

So please excuse my moodiness.

'Tis the season.

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Sweet Simplicity said...

Tis the Season is right. ha!
I collect boxes all year long for Christmas presents. It drives Ty mad.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we have a crawl space in my parent's bedroom that has their safe and all the boxes for christmas presents. Then there's another crawl space that has all the wrapping stuff. Tsk. Men. LOL!

Jennifer said...

Tis the season is totally right! I always end up in a screaming match with someone in my family before the holidays are over. My family is so totally opposite of me and they think I am inflexible because I don't want to sit around all day and drink coffee until 4 in the afternoon gossiping about my cousin who is going to AA! They always have grand plans of going to the church play or something like that, but they sit around ALL DAY and then get places late or we have to make 10 errands on the way which makes them so late it isn't even worth going. It is ridiculous! So, when I try to keep them on track they get mad at me! haha! I feel your pain girl!!!

etta said...

Boo! I refuse to use gift bags. I bought my nephew an obscene number of shirts to keep at my ILs house (uggh.. dont' get me started) and need to wrap them. I just happened to find a shoe box. Otherwise I would have been SOL.

Katelyn said...

haha. sounds like my dad. we have a specific corner in our basement stacked high with empty clothes boxes for gifts. hes not to keen on that crap corner but he's always happy when we aren't having to PAY for more boxes at christmas since most stores are so stingy with their boxes now!

Allison said...

I'm so glad that we don't do Christmas presents for our extended family. My family is so big that it'd be ridiculous to buy for everyone. I just buy for my mom, dad, and brother.
Sorry you're bummed about the boxes

Cole said...

It isn't the holiday is you aren't mad at at least ONE relative. :-)

FashionAddict said...

LOL, that sounds just like my husband :) Men are always so damned stubborn!

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