Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Closet Overflows

First of all,

Happy Veteran's Day!

Don't forget to thank the veterans in your life today.

Next, I think I taunted the Sleep Gods yesterday. I woke up at 4 AM today and could not get back to sleep. Figures.


Also, I'd like to thank all of you for your sweet comments yesterday - I thought they were rather hilarious.

On that note, I replied to all of you who have your e-mail address automatically stored in blogger. If you didn't get a response yesterday, it's because I get the dreaded "" when I try to reply to you. So if you did NOT get a reply from me, go read this post by Sweet Simplicity and change your settings. Pretty please?


So, yesterday I began my Great Closet Clean-out 2009. I took everything out and laid it on my bed.

And then I managed to go through all my jeans, my dresses, and a lot of my favorite tank tops. And that's about as far as I got.

Half of that pile is currently living on my bedroom floor. Awesome.

Typically, I have never had to "winterize" my wardrobe - I usually had a big enough closet to just shove the summer clothes into the back of my closet.

But this year I've got a downsized closet. And winterizing I must do.

How do you store your winter clothes? In a plastic bin? In something else? Do spill!

And as far as sweaters - the ones I'm pulling out of my closet - how do you store those? I used to hang them but they end up stretching out at the shoulders and not fitting well anymore.

So tell me your closet habits - I need tips! My closet needs your help!

Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!

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25 Classy Comments:

Ashley Lauren said...

I'm not much help- it's embarassing, but my sweaters and jeans are in plastic bins from Target next to my dresser. Neither the clothes or the bins fit in my closet...

Anonymous said...

I don't winterize..but if I did, I would totally use those space saver bags. Those look really cool.

Kaitlin said...

I never reorganize my closet for the weather, although I should. Our sweaters we fold and put in a drawer after putting them flat to dry.

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

I too have a rubbermaid bin in the bottom of my walk in and that is for off season things... I am fortunate to have shelves all around my walk in so I fold sweaters and jeans and they go there on the shelves. Work clothes get hung up and I have another shelf for things like long sleeved t's. Good luck cleaning... its always fun!!

Michelle said...

Ugh. I have the world's smallest & crappiest closet. No, no...I really do. It's a hot mess in there right now. So is my dresser.

I really, really, REAAAALLLLLY need to overhaul my stuff. There's a lot of stuff in my closet that I haven't worn in years, too.

I love Rubbermaid bins. My sweaters are in one. Of course, a tub filled with purses is on top of it so getting to my sweaters is a PITA!!

Mrs Bee said...


Now that we live somewhere where it is pretty much warm or hot all the time, we don't really need to rotate our wardrobe however for 6 years we lived in the south east of Australia and experienced all seasons, hot summers, freeeeeezing winters.
I went and bought those vac lock (space savers I think) bags and stored our clothes in them.

I don't hang my sweaters, I have them folded in my tallboy (although if I'm really honest most of the time they are scattered around our wardrobe floor...)

Happy winterizing!

Kiss My Tiara said...

I usually fold my sweaters and keep them in my dresser so that the shoulders don't stretch out. For some reason I hang my cardigans though, which probably isn't the best idea because they probably stretch out too. I just have a ton more closet space than dresser space! Good luck switching out closets!

p.s. I commented on your sleep post yesterday and had no idea that my blog email didn't show up on my blog, so I changed my settings! Thanks for the info :)

Megan said...

This is also the first time I have had to winterize and it is horrible! I feel your pain!

emily said...

thanks for the email acct setup alert...just changed my settings!! and sweaters...i keep them on hangers for the most part, it keeps me the most organized. i wish i was like mariah carey though who has the most ultimate closet ever..ugh wouldnt that be nice!!! :) a girl can dream!

julie and jon said...

I just went in and added my e-mail address. Thanks for the tip!

Erin Elizabeth said...

I just recently moved from an apartment with a huge walk-in closet to one with a not-so-huge, kind of walk-in closet, so I had to get creative with storage. In the summer I keep all of my tees, tanks and dresses hung up, and keep sweaters and long-sleeve tees in plastic storage drawers for easy access. Come winter, I put the tanks in the drawers and hang the majority of my long-sleeve tees and light-weight sweaters. I keep the thicker sweaters folded up to save them from stretching.

Aunt Becky said...

I used to winterize, before I stopped needing to. See, now, I'm stuck in a weight loss area (still losing the baby weight) and I don't want to BUY clothes and yet I don't have very many clothes. I kind of look like a hobo now.

When I DID winterize, I put them in big plastic bins.

It was awesome.

I cannot WAIT to use my bins again.

Kassie said...

I'm not much help now, since for the last few years of living in Florida my winter wardrobe has sure been depleted. I had to dig in my closet for stuff to bring to Chicago this past weekend!

But when I did live in cold climates I would winterrize, but not by much. I like using my clothes all year round, like tanktops under clothes, and sundresses (thicker ones) with tights and boots. the only closet changing I did was using plastic bins under the bed for heavy winter coats in the summertime!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I hate having to switch everything out. This year I did one plastic tub, 1 spare closet and one shelf in the linen closet for sweaters that I don't like to hang. (The spare closet isn't completely full--I wish I had that many clothes!)

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Haha I do the same thing! Once I get bored with it I just quit and sit in the midst of the clothes for a while lol

d.a.r. said...

Mine go in plastic rubbermaid drawers on my closet shelves, folded and organized by color. OCD much?

Lisa said...

I heard it's best to fold your sweaters instead of hanging them because it stretches them out.

etta said...

I got rid of a LOT of clothes (including the majority of my sweaters) last year before we moved here. I really want to redo my closet and put in some shelving for sweater storage so that hopefully I don't have to rotate in and out for the seasons.

Aly said...

Just read your last post. Cracked me up. My boyfriend has to sleep with a fan on, even in the dead of winter! Drives me crazy! But I do the same thing as you. Pull out all my clothes, only get through half and then throw them on my floor. I have the smallest closet. Lastly, thanks for the coupon! I got so much stuff at ON!

Krista said...

The space saver bags are great at storing clothes during the season! Although- they do NOT prevent your clothes from wrinkling! Just expect to throw them in the wash/dryer when they come out of the bags! Once I've packed the bags & sucked the air out of them, I put them all into a big plastic bin that sits in the back of the closet. As far as sweaters go - I never hang mine, for that exact reason! I cannot stand the pointy, stretched-out shoulder! I got a few wooden shelving units from Target for like $30 and I just stacked them along the floor of the closet. Perfect for jeans, sweaters and anything that doesn't need to hang! Good luck!! :)

mWm said...

I know you have to have heard Kelly (Ripa) talk about the Space Saver bags?! We lived in a teeny condo in downtown for years and I had to learn to get creative with my storage. I would take the Space Savers and then store clothes under my bed (that was on lifts for extra storage)and I love those things!! Now I have 2 closets and a garage--and even room for all my shoes!!! But I still use the bags for sweaters bc I love them!!

by the way....GIRL that is a PILE of clothes!!!

Sarah said...

I'm a pro at organizing a closet. What I do each season is take all my clothes I'm not using and either put them in plastic bins but lately I've been trying those Space Saver bags. They are pretty cool and take up less room.

Hope that helps ya out a bit! :)

Jackie said...

Yep, big plastic bins for me too!

Andee Layne said...

thanks for the post on veteran days! Its so important that we support them. My dad and brother are marines and i cant believe the sacrifices they make! great blog!Please check and out my fashion and lifestyle blog follow mine as I will yours! xo

Andee Layne said...

thanks for the post on veteran days! Its so important that we support them. My dad and brother are marines and i cant believe the sacrifices they make! great blog!Please check and out my fashion and lifestyle blog follow mine as I will yours! xo

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