Monday, August 10, 2009


I have zero time for a post, so here it goes.

  • Computer is most definitely dead and fried. May she RIP.
  • I need a new computer. Think I will get another laptop. Another Dell (my 3rd, in case anyone is counting). And I would really like to not spend a fortune on it. Anybody seen any good deals out there?
  • The house renovations are still underway. Over the weekend, my dad and uncle pulled out ALL the carpet and now the garage is FULL of it. I'll take a pic.
  • The floor people come today so I'm spending the whole day staying out of the way and painting. Exciting stuff, I know.
  • I miss all of you! I've been reading but commenting way too infrequently.
  • Did I mention I miss my laptop? And Twitter?
  • And also, did I mention I have this sick chest cough?? It's nasty and of course I have no time to go to the doctor, but I need to get that on my list because it sounds like I'm a pack a day smoker. Ew.
  • Have a fabulous Monday!!

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I have the same cough! And yes, I sound like an elderly smoker!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better!! sorry about your laptop.....i got a 17 inch HP for about half of what a dell would have cost me (but i had to have xp (not vista) for work stuff. Good luck on your search....hey, maybe you can run into those people that do those commercials and they will buy it for ya! haha

sarah said...

What a nightmare with the computer!

Annie said...

sorry to hear about the computer and your horrible cough...feel better soon!

KAC said...

Ugh I hope you find a new computer and feel better soon! I totally thought the same thing as short southern mama haha....maybe you can be on one of their ads!

Wearing Mascara said...

Sorry about your computer (RIP)! I'm sure everything will start looking up soon. xoxo

Leslie said...

Ive always been a loyal Dell girl until a year ago when my sister bought a brand-new Dell and my 6 year old one ran better than her brand new one. Ive heard several people say the same thing and that they arent making the Dell's the way they used to. I bought a Compaq last November when my Dell died and my sister constantly comments on how she wishes she hadnt gotten this new Dell....just a second opinion and something to think about for you!

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Have you seen those mini dells? They would be good for just messing around on the internet and they are affordable.

Melissa said...

Aww, sorry about your laptop, that stinks!

a H.I.T. said...

I hate when computers die. It's like a little part inside of you has passed on too.

In this wonderful life... said...

hope your cough gets better!!

hmm, computer deals..I haven't checked lately? Are you set for dell? I have a MAC and I have had the same one for like 6 years...never had ONE issue..just got a new battery pack for it..and that's it!

Andhari said...

Ugggh i hate it having no working laptops, I definitely recommend mac books. I like the latest ones but they're so pricey.

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