Friday, August 21, 2009

The Case that Wasn't

Today, I was all set to write a post about The Case of the Missing Class Ring. This is a photo of the ring from last year when I had the most mysterious bruise on my hand.

I love my ring to pieces so I was extremely upset that I couldn't find it. I had been looking for it since we moved on Monday and it was NOWHERE to be found.

Until I found it at the bottom of a shopping bag, where I no doubt put it for safekeeping.

Lesson learned: I'm an idiot.


Project Runway.

Loved Althea's evening dress - I'd wear it in a second.

Irina's dress was stunning - love love loved it.

Ari's dress.... she looks almost like she was wrapped in toilet paper. She was pillowy, too hard to understand. The collar was just too over the top. Yeah, I can see how she went home. Weird, just weird.

But can I just say... how the hell did Mitchell get away with throwing a sheet over the model and throwing her onto the runway? It was horrible, and I seriously can't believe he survived. The judges definitely took a leap of faith with him, that's for sure.

Did any of you watch Project Runway?? What did you think?

I DVR'd Models of the Runway so I'm interested to see how that goes.


I'm all out of interesting things to say today... have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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Only The Good Stuff said...

Glad you found your ring!! I have PR dvr'd, what channel does Models of the Runway come on?? I must have missed that!

a H.I.T. said...

Cute ring! I get mysterious bruises on my hands too. I've found that they normally happen when I'm walking (because I swing my arms and they normally hit something..).

Wearing Mascara said...

Whew! I am thrilled you found your ring. Thank goodness!

I watched PR... and I am in love with this season. The only name I can remember (I'm terrible at remembering who is who until close to the end...) is Ari. She was a mess although very interesting. I do wonder what she would have come up with if she stayed. Maybe there is some potential there. Anyways, I also love the Model's show after! Did you watch it?


Christa said...

Glad you found your ring! I HATE when I lose things!!

Annie said...

glad you found your ring!
that bruise is incredibly large!!
crazy you don't know where it came from....i get mysterious bruises on my legs often.

Andhari said...

Oooh that sounds like me, I misplaced things a lot. But I'm glad you found it.

I didnt watch Project Runway, love the designs though.:)

Krista said...

AGREE on Althea and Irina's dresses. *SWOON* I also liked Johnny's --but the front was kinda funky looking. To be honest, though, I was a little underwhelmed overall. I'm hoping they get a bit more risky and fun!

Kelsey Smith said...

Check my blog for a little surprise!

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