Friday, July 24, 2009

Letters to My Parts

Dear Body,

I seriously don't know what is going on with you, but you are driving me nuts.

To my Bladder:
I realize that you think it is a neat party trick to wake me up at 4 AM and send me sprinting to the bathroom. I can handle it once. But you have done it 4 days in a row and the rest of my body is starting to think this is a daily occurrence. It better not be.

To my Head:
When my bladder woke me up at 4 AM, it was lovely to realize that you had also thrown a migraine my way. I took ibuprofen and all that, and it's now 7:30 AM and you still hurt. Please stop.

To my Thighs:
If I wake up one morning and find out you spontaneously disappeared overnight, I won't complain.

Now if all of you could just stop freaking out my entire body... that'd be great.


P.S. Clearly the lack of sleep is affecting me, no?

Happy Friday!

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The New Mrs said...

I am with you! I feel like a part of my body hurts at ALL times. It's so annoying. I feel like I am 25 going on 75, sometimes!

Michelle said...

My bladder had me up at hour before the alarm goes off. Not cool.

And, I feel your pain about the migraines, too...what a way to start the morning than with a migraine. Ugh!

Andhari said...

oyyy that's exactly what I wanna write to my thighs too. Is it sad that my pants size is one size up than my dress / top size? Screw thighs, hips, and pear shapes lol

Holly said...

I tell my thighs the same thing everyday!

Belle said...

I hope your body listens to you! Mine never cooperates with me!

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