Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday

So, where the heck did my week go??

Well, yesterday my friend had her breast reduction and it went fabulously. As soon as we got to the surgical center they whisked her back and were ready. No waiting, which definitely cut down on the anxiety.

Three hours later, she was sitting up in bed, opening presents, and drinking Coke. I figured she'd be lethargic and pale but she looked amazing and was thrilled to be done.

The worst part of the day for me was being at the surgical center. Ever since my mom spent a lot of time in hospitals, I just can't handle them. I feel nauseated and pale and feel like I need to keep running to the bathroom. Not a pretty sight. Even when my friend was discharged and got to go home, I was still a wreck... all the hormones or chemicals in my blood were still whacked and I was a mess.

I wasn't even able to enjoy shopping for new jeans properly! Crazy.

Today marks one week until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Guess I should go start looking for money under couch cushions.

Promise my next week will be more thrilling than this and way less boring. I hope.

Happy Friday!!

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Whitney said...

Glad your friend is doing well! :)

Allison said...

You're such a sweet friend for going with her to surgery. I know all of the love meant a lot to her. I hope my friends go when I have to get the opposite breast surgery hah!

SLJ said...

You are so sweet to care so much for your friend. Enjoy your weekend!

Andhari said...

Yet you're still there for her, this is amazing :) You should pat yourself on the back and excuse me, you just put the word Nordstrom and SALE together so you better get yourself something pretty :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your friends surgery went well and she's lucky to have you! I'm sure she was nervous, I hope it continues to go well!

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