Monday, June 1, 2009


Today, I had planned to make a grand re-entrance into the Blogging world with a quality post with pictures, as opposed to the posts I usually speed through and just try to make something happen.

However, it seems as though the gods of the Internets are conspiring against me.

I opened my laptop to the Black Screen of Death this morning. I'm not sure what happened between last night and this morning, but it seems as though it is NOT going to happen today. I'm typing this out on our ancient desktop and I can't HANDLE THE SLOWNESS.

So I'm off to read everyone else's blogs (after it takes them 52 hours to load, of course)...

Happy (or not) Monday!

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Andhari said...

oooh my computer keeps doing these things from time to time, hang in there, looking orward to your post :)

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