Monday, April 27, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

So this past weekend I wore the infamous dress.

I attended the "Prom" for seniors at my College and it was so so much fun.

And now, without further blah blah blahs.... the pictures:
Me and the boy: Who loves my excellent accessorization? Turquoise earrings and tie? Check and check.

Me and some of my best girlfriends around campus...
Me and one of my roommates...
Me, still dancing after almost 3 hours on the dance floor. Obviously I haven't had enough yet!

And last but not least...a picture that I really really wanted to turn out. It would have been an amazingly cute pic. Alas, it is blurry. Damn the photographer!!
The night was definitely not without its challenges. First, thunderstorms came through the area all morning and so all of the ladies thought our hopes for a little outdoor photo shoot around campus were dashed. So we laid around (actually everyone else laid, I never quit primping!) and didn't get ready until semi-late. Then everyone needed help accessorizing/hair-updoing/etc and we barely made it out the door in time. It was a time crunch let me tell you!!

And, let me not forget to mention my elephant in the room - my boobs! This dress just would NOT stay up for the life of me. Problem #1 - I kept stepping on the hem and basically dragging the top down with me feet. Problem #2 - I think the chest area is just a bit small. Problem #3 - too much dancing and posing for pictures.

Well, that 3rd one is a blessing, not a curse!

Anyways, it was a fabulous weekend and now the countdown is definitely on to graduation. My friends and I will be spending as much time together as possible and hopefully taking a boatload of pictures... which of course I will be sharing with all of you.

Happy Monday!!

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Leslie said...

Your dress was VERY cute!! I also love the picture of you and the boy!! It looked like you had a good time!

insomniaclolita said...

I loveee the dress and sure who can get enough of dancing with all your loved ones around when a good music comes?:)

KLC said...

LOVE that dress!!! You and the boy are too cute :) Looks like you had a really fun time!!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Srsly. Your college has a prom?? How COOL!!!!!!!!

Now on to real life eh? Good luck with it all!

Coast Rat said...

Beautiful dress; you look/are gorgeous!

Cute pic of you and the boy!

LiLu said...

That dress looks amazing on you ;-)

Becky said...

That looks like so much fun and you look so good in that dress! I'm glad you didn't have any wardrobe definately would've been a night to remember! ha..ha..
The point is you LOOKED good and that is all that matters :)

a H.I.T. said...

Love the dress! And the turquoise earrings looked great with it :) said...

The dress is beautiful on you and losing the gray detailing was definitely a good decision!

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